Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I painted my phone case

  So my 5 year old cell phone finally bit the dust the other day and I decided it was probably time to get a smart phone before the boyfriend and I kill each other because I don't know how to look up directions on his phone. So anyway I got the phone but the only case I could find that covered the screen, which I knew I'd probably smash otherwise, only came in black so I decided to paint it and here is how that worked out...
 Above are the spray paints that I used I made sure to get paint that was meant for plastic. I bought a matte white to start out with then a clear satin finish to seal it up with then I got my phone ready to paint...

 So I got the inside all taped off but I got ahead of myself and completely forgot to give the case a light sand and cleaning before I painted it but it seemed to work out okay, I was lucky, but don't forget this step.

So again I got ahead of myself and forgot to take a picture of it right after I painted it white but I did 4 coats of white and it was white then I put my design on it...
I used a Posca paint pen which I got in an art snacks box, any acrylic paint pen would do though I'm sure, and drew on an octopus and here it is.

The back

The front.
After my design was on my case I gave it 2 coats of clear spray paint to seal it and called it done.
   So there it is thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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