Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year and the first ArtSnacks of 2015

Hi there and happy new year! I just got my first artsnacks box of 2015 today. It has a lot of cool stuff and here is what I made with the supplies...

The colors I got this time are very soft pastel shades, I really like them and all the supplies where really nice to work with.
A photo of the supplies for anyone who is interested
 I was really happy to get this box today and just spend the day relaxing with some art. I unfortunately started off the new year with tummy troubles and have been felling pretty awful the last few days, I'm felling a lot better today and this really helped art is so soothing to me. Oh well I suppose when you start the new year felling terrible it can only get better right from there ha ha!
   Anyway Happy New Year, I hope yours started out a bit better than mine, and thanks so much for dropping by!

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