Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Faux Agate Fail and 2 Cider Jug Lamps

I decided to try my hand at polymer clay the other day and decided to try this tutorial by the NerdECrafter to make faux agates, it went pretty well and I was really happy with how things where going then I baked them and well...

Ya I burned the crap out of them, do you know how bad burned polymer clay smells it's literally nauseating and it sticks around. It was pretty heartbreaking after I had spent so much time on these and polymer clay isn't cheap either but oh well these things happen. I do want to say that Jackie's instructions are correct and I did follow them but we have figured out that the thermostat in the oven is broken so it doesn't stop heating up when it reaches the right temperature. I have burned a few things recently when I was certain I followed the directions and the oven has been shutting itself off and flashing F1 at us so we figured out what was the problem and will have to get a new oven now. Anyway at least I know I can follow directions ha ha.
  So anyway onto a project that did turn out when we moved into our house there where some cider jugs in the crawl space which I knew right away I wanted to make into lamps and I have finally gotten around to doing it. My husband wanted to put christmas lights inside the jugs which I think added a really nice touch anyway here they are...
First with both the light bulb and LED's lit up
then just the LEDs
and the second one with blue LEDs
and just the LEDs
I drilled a hole in the bottom of the jug to run the cord through and if anyone wants to know how to drill glass let me know and I'll tell you what I have learned. Just so you know it's not hard but it takes forever and requires patience so it's probably not for everyone. Also there is always the chance your bottle will crack or break and it usually happens when your nearly done and have already spent a half hour (more or less depending on the glass) drilling. If you're still interested let me I'm certainly no expert but I've drilled a few holes in glass now and have learned a few things that I think are worth sharing.
   I also made some hanging planters for my kitchen apperently I haden't had enough drilling through things the take forever and a day this time I chose potttery, which is a bit easier and less likely to break but still takes a long time. Anyway here they are...

I picked up these pots at the dollar store and drilled 3 holes in each of them (I keep wanting to spell hole wole today for some reason) then I used some big jump rings I got at a garage sale to loop through the holes and attached one foot lengths of chain then added an S ring at the top of the 3 chains to hold them together and hang the the pots by. I really don't know of I would do this again it took such a long time to drill the holes I don't think I ever want to drill glass or pottery again ha ha.
 Anyway as always thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!

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