Monday, December 15, 2014

A Sock Snowman and Some Cute Cookies

   Hello there, well I haven't been posting a lot lately because most everything I've been working on has been Christmas gifts and I don't want to ruin the surprise for any of the girt recipients who might look at my blog every now and again. But I did make one thing I can post about, my Aunt hosted a ladies craft night yesterday evening where a bunch of gals got together and made sock snowmen. It was lot's of fun and there was lot's of laughter. Anyway here is my snowman...
These are very simple and fun to make and there are a lot of examples and tutorials online.
   Here are a few video tutorials just in case your interested
 as you can see there are lots of different approached you can take to make one of these fellows you can go as simple or as complex as you like look this person even made Olaf from Frozen.
   I completely forget to get a photo of all the completed snowmen together but you get the idea.

I also just had to share these adorable barnyard cookies that I bought at the farmers market made by the same lady that made the sugar skull cookie I showed here..
I just love the local farmers market there are so many great people there. We actually currently have 2 in Port Alberni I usually only get to the one that's closest to my house. There are so many interesting tables there selling crafts, homemade bread and baked goods, homemade soap and shampoo bars, essential oils, honey and in the summer time local produce. The Cherry Creek Farmers market (the one I normally go to) has also acquired a mascot, a big old yellow lab shows up almost every Saturday to great everyone and see if he can get a few snacks, sometimes we even meet up on my way there and walk together.
   Anyways that's about all for the time being I'm trying out some homemade self watering thingys (come on spell check thingys is totally a word ha ha) that I think I'll share tomorrow as I need to take some pictures. So far they are working well though and if you have as many plants as I do anything that makes watering easier is always much appreciated.
  As always thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying the holiday season in whatever way you choose to celebrate it!

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