Saturday, November 22, 2014

More art.

I sure am loving these art subscription boxes it's really fun to try new things here is the first one I got a while back it's called the smile, create, repeat box. I meant to post this stuff sooner but I got the flu and didn't feel much like doing anything and then I was busy catching up on all the housework I'd neglected ha ha. Anyway I'm back now and here is...
Here is what it looks like when I first opened it so exiting what could it be!

It's watercolor pencils and paper paintbrushes and a pencil cool!
I love this pencil

My one complaint about this box is the paper they send you gets a bit bent in the little box they send it in but it wasn't that big of a deal I just set a heavy book on it overnight and it was good as new.

 Now here is what I made..
An octopus in a jar

An anaconda

and I can't remember what kind of bird this is I wrote it down but I'm not organized so I lost the paper I wrote it down on.
I took some pictures as I was drawing the octopus they aren't the best photos because it was night time so I didn't have any natural light but here they are anyway...

There weren't a ton of colors so I had to do a lot of mixing which was really fun I like that smile, create, repeat includes instructional videos on how to use the supplies in the boxes here is the  watercolor pencil video.  All in all I really liked this box it was aimed at kids as well as adults and I think it would be a really fun activity for parents or grandparent to do with there kids or grand kids. Lot's of fun.
    The next box I got was my first ArtSnacks box which was a lot of fun and here is that..
whoops sorry that is one blurry photo but hey you get the idea here is what it looks like when you open it

and the supplies
Here is what I made including all my mistakes on not so great attempts ha ha..
Okay so attempt number one my idea was to use the water soluble graphite stick to shade under the pink paint stick but the watercolor paper I used peeled for some reason I guess it's hard to see in this photo but any way on to attempt two..

So ya hmm this time I got my picture done but I really hate it that paint stick was not doing it for me so,,,

I scrapped the paint stick for the time being and used the pink watercolor pencil from my smile, create, repeat box and ended up with this
So I really did want to figure out that paint stick so I went over to Artsnacks sight where they have a gallery to see what other people did with the thing. I noticed a lot of people used it for hair so I thought about it awhile and the pink and gold started to make me think of a unicorn so I made this...
I had a lot of fun with these two boxes I also have a pigment and pallette box which I'm working on creating something with and I should be sharing that soon as well.
   Anyway thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. I always enjoy viewing your art work!

  2. Thanks Laura! Our son loves your anaconda drawing. Great job creating new colors!
    ~Kim from