Saturday, November 22, 2014

642 Things To Draw #1

I got this really fun book a while back called 642 things to draw and it's exactly what it sounds like ha ha! I haven't done anything in it for a few days but here is what I have so far some of which has turned out and some of which hasen't and hopefully I'll be drawing a few things today...
Page one a rolling pin and a hammock

a robot

tube socks and a crayon
head in the clouds and a balloon

an anchor, a skunk, a chair and Van Gogh's ear

a sandwhich
a paperclip, a trumpet and a Burrito. I drew our old cat Burrito.

a pickle, an ironing board and a dolphin

Bubbles and fangs

a full house

a cabin, mushrooms, shrubbery and Bob Marley.

Luminescent Plankton not exactly what I had envisioned but hey.

a bottle opener and a fire escape.
So there it is so far some I really like some I really don't but that's art sometimes thing work out sometimes they don't. As long as your having fun that's all that really matters in the end.
   Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



    I think all of them are so impressive. I really like the everyday objects for they made me scroll up and down to look at them multiple times. I see them daily but really don't look at them. Your drawing made me stop and think about the art of those objects. You have a gift and thanks for sharing it. Mary

  2. Ahh what a nice comment. It's funny you say my drawings made you stop and observe things, observation is what art is all about you're already half way to being an artist ha ha.