Saturday, October 25, 2014

Completed Wreck this Journal

Here is my wreck this journal I didn't do everything in it but I think it's as completed as I'm going to make it. I had so much fun with this.
Here is my decoraated "Wreck This Journal" cover
The forst page
The "Warning" page
Starting to add page numbers I tried to make the numbers fit each page
Crack the spine

Stand Here
Pour, spill, drip, fling your coffee here. I changed coffee to ta though and crossed out spit cause I think spitting is really gross and I don't drink coffee.

Poke holed in this page using a pencil. This page made me think of a voodoo doll.

Draw fat lines and thin pressing hard with your pencil
This page is for hand prints and fingerprints get them dirty and press down

Color this entire page

Throw something, pencil a ball dipped in paint. I used a dart gun and some sticky throw darts it was very fun!
Press leaves and other found things. On the oppossite page I  wrote 10 things about where I was sitting just cause.

Scratch using a sharp object. I think I used scissors but I can't remember.

Do some rubbings with a Pencil. I drew a froggy on the other page cause why not.

Scribble wildly violently with reckless abandon. I also sewed on this page with my sewing machine along with a few other pages.

Tear strips, rip it up, and a mermaid on the other page that I printed and colored in and netting from a pack of garlic.

draw lines while in motion on the bus, on a train,while walking. I drew these line in the truck.

Fill this page with circles. I think I had leftover paint from the target page that I used in the left.

Document your dinner run,smear,splatter your food use this page as a napkin. As soon as I read this page I thought no I don't want to gets ants and then I thought of Archer and had to put this picture here.

Chew in this. I added a picture and drew a mouse cause mice love to chew and I had mustache stickers.

Tear out crumple. After I crumpled this page I tried to do a tie dye thing with food coloring that didn't really work. On the other side I traced my hand and painted the nails with nail polish.
Wrap something with this page.

Tounge painting, this didn't really work.

Write one word over and over. Well I chose bicycle.

pick up the journal without using your hands. I did some doodles on the other page.

The clock tower

climb up high and drop the journal

compost this page and make an ugly drawing. I composted the other half of this page and drew Sam the Ugliest dog contest winner in 2003 to 2005

Place sticky things here. On the other side I drew random things.

Pretend yo are doodling on the back of an envelope while in the phone.

Make a paper chain and on the other side I drew with both hands.

Place fruit stickers here, I had way to much fun with this page and payed way to much attention to which fruit had the cutest stickers.

Cover this page using only office supplies I used post it notes I zentangled and packing tape so they didn't flap around.

Bring this page is the shower with you, I colored this page with watercolor pencils first I was hoping to get more running of colors.

I didn't do this page.

Rub dirt here. I rubbed dirt on the bottom the drew some pansies

test page I tested a bunch of pens here

Drip something here and close the book. I think I dripped watercolor paint here. I left this book out in the rain and when I brought it in these pages where stuck together so this is what happened when I pulled them apart.

Sew this page.

Glue a newspaper clipping here I found this clipping in a second hand book I bought.
A place for your grocery list.  I picked up a bunch of random lists I found well out walking a glued them in.

trace the things in your bag or pockets let them overlap.

over this page in white things

Scribble wildly using only borrowed pens document where they where borrowed from. I wrote haikus on the other side.

Oh no blurry pic I was trying to hold the book open with my foot as it was trying to close on mt.

Make a mess, clean it up.

Page of good thoughts

Make prints ising an ink pad and cut vegetables. Bok Choy and potato.

Ask a friend to do something destructive to this page don't look. My boyfriend burned it.

Write carelessly now.

Glue random objects here

Tear this page out and put it in your pocket, put it through the wash and stick it back in

cut through several layers

Infuse this page with a smell of your choosing.

color outside of the lines

Close your eyes connect the dots from memory.

Another page I didn't do. Hang the journal in a publis place and invite people to draw here.

Collect your pocket lint here. I kept forgetting to save my lint so I melted crayons here which was very fun.

Trace your hands. I had fun zentangling my hands here.

Draw with glue. I did glitter glue on one side and I always thought glue that dried shiny looked like a snail trail so I made a snail trail in the other side.

sample various substances found in your home. Document what they are create color themes. Didn't do this one either.

Document a boring event. I documented grass growing for an hour.

Create a drawing using a piece or several pieces of your hair.

glue in a photo of yourself you dislike deface.

Draw lines using abnormal writing utensils dipped in ink or paint.

fill in this page when you are really angry. I don't get really angry very often usually just kinda miffed or annoyed.

Write or draw with your left hand. I drew some tulips
Find a way to wear the journal I might still do this one.

This page is a sign, what do you want it to say? Well jackaloupes crossing of course my favorite cryptozoology creature who won't want to live in a world with antlered bunnies.

create a nonstop line. This page was very soothing.

space for negative comments. After I wrote my comments here I burned them away and added thumper on the opposite page cause if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.

Draw lines with your pen or pencil lick your finger and smear the lines.

A page for four letter words.

Glue in a page from a magazine, circle words you like

Write with the pen in your mouth.

give away your favorite page. On the opposite page I made a contour line drawing well I was waiting of a mailbox

write backward

Document time passing

this space is dedicated to internal monologue

scrub this page

I think this was the hide a secret message page Shhh don't tell.

sleep with the journal describe the experience here. I dreamt about a big spider living under my deck so I drew a spider.

Add caption

write a list of more ways to wreck this journal

Stain log

Doodle over top of this page.

rub this page on something dirty. Boyfriends truck

Collect the letter W here

Collect dead bugs here.

Drum on this page with pencils. More fun than you'd think!

Float this page.

Find a way to freeze this page. I froze this page in rit dye water.

hide this page in your neighbor's yard. I didn't want to do this it felt like littering.

Sell this page

Add caption

smear something here

aquirt liquid here. I used neon food coloring and a squirt gun.

make a design with tape

trace your toes

The end
 Well that's it my completed wreck this journal. Thanks for stopping by have a great day!


  1. I have given this book to some friends and family as a gift. I have never gotten to see a completed one. Thank You for sharing your amazing art and your own personal book