Monday, April 28, 2014

The ALberni Inlet Trail

So I got a chance to go on a hike with a local club on Saterday on the lovely Alberni In let Trail. It was said to be moderate on the trip scedule and I have to say if that was a moderate trail I think a stenuous trail woulld kill me ha ha. It was 14km up and down all the way and I am sore all over. It was lovely though and I think it was worth the pain.

Chocolate Lilly

Lot's of amazing waterfalls.

an adorable garter snake

He was very chilly so it was easy to get close for photos

Amanita apparently usually a fall mushroom my wonderful guides where very surprised to see it in the spring.

Coastal Strawberry

There where a lot of little streams to cross

The Alberni Inlet

Coastal Reindeer Lichen. This was beautiful it formed big carpets in the more open areas and looked so magical.

Couldn't you just see a unicorn walk out of this forest ha ha.
So even though I don't think I've ever been this sore in my life this was definitely worth it, although I think I shall pick a shorter trail next time. So if you happen to live in Port Alberni and love the outdoors I would highly recommend checking out the Alberni Outdoors club. The guides where excellent and very knowledgeable I learned a lot and met some wonderful people. Even though I was the slowest one there everyone was very patient and encouraging and I don't think I would have made it without them ha ha. I guess I wasn't to big of a pain in the butt as they have encouraged me to join the outdoor club and recommended some shorter hikes that I might like to do to start. I'm very exited to do more hikes with them in the future!
   Well anyway thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Wreck This Journal

I got a bunch of pages done I am having way to much fun with this book ha ha.

I climbed up high (okay highish) and dropped the journal I taped this photo in the journal and want to draw the clock tower I dropped it from beside it

This is the clock tower I dropped the book from I didn't climb all the way to the top though. I thought it might be a little dicy with people wandering around.

Potato and bok choy stamps

On this page I was to stamp with veggies this was actually more fun than I thought it would be, I quite like the results I got.

I zentangled these strips and then tore the page

Ripped up page then I was to attatch it to the page behind so I glued them togerther...
Here it is glued

Again this was more fun than I thought, I kind of want to make the other page a stain log as well it was fun finding things to rub in the little squares and seeing what I got.

I doodled on the instructions page

and glued this owl I found in a magazine over the instructions cause who wants to read instructions anyway.

You where suposed to spill coffee in this page but I don't drink coffee so I whited out coffee and wrote tea.

I doodled this tea pot on one page

and taped the package from the tea I used on the other

One of the instructions was to write on the spine of the book so I wrote loved to bits.
For this page I glued cat paws I found in a magazine to the page and then scratched with my scissors
I made this list of more ways to wreck my journal I've done to so far
I glued the alphabet to a page and tore the page beside it in half and taped it back together.
Here is the back of the page I tore in half
Well that's it so far, thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

An Orange Photo Scavenger Hunt

Well I had so much fun doing the yellow photo scavenger hunt that I decided on Saturday that I would do orange and here is what I found..

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!