Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some more ATCs and zentangles

 I'll start with an owl ATC I received today from Jackie in Virginia...
I just love him she did a wonderful job

Jackie also sent along some purple cow paper and a little owl image

Here are some ATC's I sent a while back for some swaps which have now been received..
Umbrella ATC that went all the way to Finland

Arounnd the world-Italy ATC that went to Ohio

I sent this one along with the one above

skull ATC that went to Texas for a skeleton or skull on black swap

and this one which went along with the skull above. You may recognize the stamp from this post.

These are some ATCs I made that I made either just for fun or extras that I made for swaps and chose not to send...
mushroom and frog unfortunately my glue ran around my frog
This was my first attempt at aluminum can etching which was a lot of fun

and more aluminum can etching along with other elements

an embroidry pattern I sketched out

reverse applique cactus with a jack rabbit charm

sea monster

I got some cameos in my last bag of broken jewlery form the thrift shop and made this ATC and ...

this ATC

the raven pattern again embroidered on orange this time

an embroidered bat with red seed bead eyes

an embroidered black cat

and an embroidered mushroom and snail

Day of the Dead Catrina ATC

and another Catrina
and lastly here are some zentangles I did in the cards I sent..

Well I think that's all for now, Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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