Sunday, September 1, 2013

Owl, Halloween and Tea ATC's and Some Zentangling

I've joined a couple more swaps and ended up sending some different ATC's for the Halloween swap I mentioned in my last post so I will start with Halloween...
A Furry spider ATC, I made him with faux fur, wire for the legs and some google eyes and I cut the letters out of sparkly black tape.

and a Jack o Lantern ATC with a dictionary page and the background I did with a Vaseline resist.

and I zentangled some pumpkins on the inside of the card.
Next I did an owl ATC swap which went all the way to the Netherlands how exiting...
A zentangled owl ATC with yellow rhinestone eyes

and a magazine paper owl ATC with sequin eyes
and in her profile she mentioned she liked birds of prey so I had this card in my stationary stash which I sent along
I am currently awainted my swap partners for a teapot and teacup ATC exchange...
my pencil teapot vase ATC

and my Sharpie and pencil crayon teapot bird house ATC
and the teacups...
A pencil teacup flowerpot ATC

and a sharpie and pencil crayon teacup bird feeder ATC
Besides ATC's I just received a book I ordered off Amazon called "One Zentangle a Day" and have started zentagling my way through here is day 1...
Most zentanglers recommend using micron 01 archival ink pens which are proving quite hard to find at least here in Canada. I have ordered some on Amazon ,the only place I have been able to find these pens, and am awaiting there arrival. At the moment I am using an extra fine tipped sharpie, which seems to be doing the job, but when I get my micron pen I'll let you know of they're really the be all and end all of zentangle pens.
  Well that's all for now, Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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