Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hole in the Wall and a Visit to My Mother in Laws

On friday the boyfriend and I decided to go to a place I have been hearing so much about lately called Hole in the wall. I was a little worried I would be disappointed after hearing from so many people how gorgeous it was, but I was most definitely not let down it really was lovely. Here are some pictures that I took...
The hole in the Wall I regretted not bringing my bathing suit there was a lovely deep pool that I would have loved to swim in under the waterfall.

Lots of lovely wildflowers

and loads of salal

There was an old wooden pipe that was rotting away under the ground which we followed for a while

Not far from the wall we found someone had been very busy building inukshuks along the stream bank

a close up

and another close up
   The patterns in some of the rocks where amazing...

and we seen lots of frogs

This is the other side of the hole we climbed through it

 I enjoyed myself so much and would most definitely like to visit this spot again. It was such a magical place the stream was so clear and beautiful and the inukshuks where very cool. I will definitely be bringing my swim suit next time though.
   We also went up to Victoria for a visit and got to see my Mother in Laws new house and visit the birds who live in a lagoon near by...

Poor Suki my, Mother in Laws cat, is getting quite old and deaf but he's still chugging along

I liked this cat in the neighbors yard he looked so peaceful in the garden

a little bird at the lagoon
Well I hope you enjoyed the photos, thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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