Sunday, August 18, 2013


  I found out about ATC's a while back and have been meaning to give them a try for a while now. If you don't know ATC stands for Artistic Trading Cards. I won't reinvent the wheel by explaining what they are but will instead put a link here to wiki how which does quite a nice job of explaining what they're all about. I have been having so much fun making them up the past few days and am currently trying to get into swapping them on Swap bot.
   Anyway here are my ATC's so far I am working on some butterfly ones for a swap at the moment...

this one got a bit marked up I accidentally got black paint on it when I mod podged it.

I love how these two turned out I can't usually paint

I really like how the tiger turned out

these dot ones are inspired by Australian aboriginal paintings

the kitty was my very first attempt

I like the frog but am not so fond of the kitty here

these didn't turn out quite like I'd hoped I originally wanted to do sequins instead of the glitter but I just could not get them to stick

Some defiantly turned out better than others and i won't fell comfortable sending some of them out but others I quite like.
   My mom and I went to a local art rave today and I wanted to share some of the photos I took
I stopped to say hello to these girls whom I call the jingle sisters as they are sisters and each have a jingle bell on there collar so I always know when they are around.
we stopped at the water front on the way and watched the boats for a little while
I loves these charming little sculptures

I thought these mountain images made of wood slices where just amazing

Won't you love to have this piece in your home

If this little fellow was a red head he would remind me very much of some of the earlier photos of my dad who is sort of a mountian man looking fellow

I loved the details in this little bird
 So that is some of my favorites out of all the wonderful art work that I seen today I hope you enjoyed and feel as inspired as I do.
   Anyway Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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