Saturday, August 17, 2013

A dress and some pants

   I guess I haven't posted again in a while. It's been very hot and muggy here and I haven't really felt like doing much, the heat and I don't mix very well. I have been working on a few things though I made a pair of shorts from Simplicity Pattern 2422 which I think turned out pretty good and where very easy...
I wrote a review on pattern review which you can read here if you are interested in the pattern. I also made a dress out of a t-shirt and this stretch A-line skirt pattern I got a long time ago which no longer seems to be available.
I actually was not really happy with how this one turned out it's a little tight in the tummy area which is a problem zone for me. I would love to try this again with a more drapy knit and do maybe a circle skirt that hangs more nicely and camouflages the old problem areas.
If you have a nicer figure than me though and want to make this it is very easy you need an old t-shirt that you don't mind cutting up a nice heavy stretch knit fabric and an a-line skirt pattern...
I choose this shirt which I am actually wearing in the first picture . I'm not terribly find of the elastic that hits me at my hips which as with most women is the widest part of me. I've realized this is quite unflattering on me.
Here is my fabric which I have already cut out with my pattern you just sew each side and give it a hem I used my blind hem foot for this.

Now try on your shirt and mark where you want to chop it off, I have learned the hard way to be generous here and mark about an inch and a half to two inches below the bust for an empire waist there's, nothing worse than an empire waist that hits you right in the middle of the boobs.

Now when your drawing your cutting line I like to make sure everything lines up by measuring from the armpit to my cutting line on each side and making sure they match up. Another thing no one wants is a wonky cutting line. Also be sure to add in your seam allowance I did a half inch
Now cut and then sew your skirt to your top right sides together matching and pinning side seams and center back and front. It's okay if one of your garments is a little bigger than the other as long as you match your sides and centers. That's the beauty of knits just stretch the smaller piece gently between your pins as you sew to match.
and that's it that's how I made the dress I have another top like this one that you can actually see in the last picture which I would like to sew with the circle skirt as I metioned above so if I get to that I will let you know how it goes.
     Besides making a dress I got to go for a swim at my favorite Lake a while back and got some wildflower pictures...
Self heal



Wild Blackberry

Pearly Everlasting

I actually found some ripe berries as well which where quite delicious.
Well that's it for this post I'll do a couple more just to split things up a little. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for stopping by!

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