Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Quilt, A Necklace and Deer Tallow Soap

Hello there I've been working on a few things lately and I thought I would share. I'll start with the quilt I mentioned this quilt here when we where hanging it up at my grandma's to be quilted. My gran got it all quilted up and sent it to me to have the binding sewn on so here it is all finished up and ready to be delivered to my boyfriends nephew...
this isn't the best picture but you get the idea

I learned to do these fancy mitered corners from this video
and the back all mitered as well
and here are some close ups of all the cute pictures...

Now onto my necklace I started this a while back but it never got quite finished because we ended up moving but I came across it the other day well organizing a box and finished it up..

all finished
I wanted to make this after I seen this necklace online I think mine turned out okay. To make this necklace I kind of just winged it I couldn't find any really good beading instructions I did find this video somewhat helpful and later found this video which would have been handy. Here are a few pictures of what I did...
so I started by drawing out a circle to be my "center" on a piece of heavy weight non fusible interfacing which I doubled up. I marked the middle of the circle I think I used a pill bottle lid for my circle shape.

then I worked out from that circle drawing other circles as a guide and started beading one circle at a time you defiantly need a beading needle for this regular sewing needles are to fat. Get an actual needle not the twisted wire things I tried using one of those to start and it just bent.
here we are after all the beadinf is done and I've trimmed the interfacing
to take care of the overhanging interfacing I snipped the interfacing at all the corners

DON"T cut your threads or you'll be really sorry ha ha

After I snipped my interfacing I glued the whole thing onto a piece of leather folding in my interfacing as I went. I didn't want to make a ribbon closure like the original as I'm just not a fan of ribbon closures at all so I sandwiched a folded piece of leather between the leather backing and the beaded piece.
a very blurry picture of my leather loop I used E-6000 glue by the way
I looped jump rings through my leather loops and added a chain with a magnet clasp and I'm done.
Finally soap this was my first soap making attempt so I hope it turned out I have to let it cure for a month so I won't know for a while. My dad shot two deer last year and I wanted to utilize as much of the animal as possible so I saved up the tallow from one of them to make soap. It took me awhile but I finally took the plunge and using this recipe and watching this this and this video I went to it. I had to half the recipe as I didn't have enough tallow but this fall if dad gets two deer again I will save the tallow from both and should have enough for a full batch.

sorry another blurry picture I guess I was exited to cut my soap. This is my soap after I popped it out of my mold which was a parchment lined bread pan
here it is all cut up I used a knife some people say not to because you can slip and cut yourself or something but I didn't really see a problem I may get a cutter if I really get into soap making.
I'm using a cookie drying rack to cure my soap
Well that's what I have gotten finished lately. Thank you for stopping by have a wonderful day! I'll leave off with some pictures from a quad ride I went on.
way way up overlooking the valley that we live in
still snow on the mountains

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  1. I have been away for a while but it is so good to be back and visit your blog! You are so talented. i love the intricate beading on the necklace and let me not mention the soap! Wow, you can make anything. Awesome crafts.