Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Fairy Gardening

   I've been working on my fairy gardens the last couple of days and I thought I'd share what I have so far...
fairy house
my little pond with a lily pad for a fish tank

I'd like to make this overturned stawberry pot into a second fairy house but I'm not sure how I want to go about it just yet

acorn birdhouse

wire wrapped lantern

this lantern method is much simpler

and the whole thing it's a bit sparce at the moment but I've planted some ground cover plants which will hopefully spread
Now if anyone is interested here are some photos of how I made things I'll start with the house...
I started with this section of tree I found on one of my walks

and popsicle sticks from the dollar store and 2 half marble stone things which I didn't photograph

next I used a pencil to trace around my half marbled for the "windows" and measured my Popsicle sticks and marked out my door.

then using a pairing knife I started carefully cutting out my holes

finished window hole I kept testing my marble in the hole until I had a nice snug fit
and the door hole
I used e-6000 to glue in my half marbles

and white glue and finishing nails to attach my door I painted on the strips with gold paint and found a little charm in my broken jewelry stash for the door knod which I glued on with e-6000
So in hindsight I should have done this step first but oh well it all worked out...
for my "green" roof I first drilled a bunch of holes with this circle drill bit in the top of my stump then..

I knocked out all the leftover bits with a wood chisel and a hammer now I have a spot for my moss
After this I placed my house in my garden and bought 2 plants in the ground cover or rock garden section of my garden center broke of half of the roots and placed them on my roof.
   Next the acorn birdhouse which I seen here and here and decided I could make myself. So one the thing about acorns is if you leave the seed in your acorn will go moldy so you have to take the seed out.
So first off using a small drill bit drill a hole near the bottom or top of your acorn well the seed is still in it. The reason for drilling your hole well the seed is still inside is that acorn shells are delicate and I figured out that to do it after the seed is removed you'll just crack your acorn to bits. Also don't push very hard on your drill.
Next cut you're Acorn in half with a sharp Exacto knife being careful not to crack your shell to bits. Then remove the seed.
The next step is to chose an acorn cap the will fit nicely on top of your birdhouse and super glue it on. I then super glued my birdhouse to a golf tee and walla your done.

Next up the acorn cap and marble lanterns which i seen here, here and here
First drill 2 tiny holes in your acorn cap

next thread some thread through the holes I used heavy upholstery thread

loop a pencil or something about that circumference through the loop so when you tie the knot on the other side it won't pull tight.

Tie your knot remove your pencil then finish off by glueing in your marble I used E-6000 agian.

If you want to make a wire wrapped lantern glue your marble in your acorn cap first then wrap the whole thing in wire a few times and loop over the top. I didn't like the wire method as I've mentioned before I'm really bad when it comes to bending wire and I found it really difficult to wrap the wire around the marble as it kept wanting to slip off.
    Well I think that's about it I'm working on a couple other projects but until then Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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  1. I have had so much going on lately, am glad to visit you again after all this time. I see you have been busy making your lovely crafts as usual. the pics are all divine and the fairy house is absolutely amazing! I am in love with it.