Friday, May 31, 2013

Hnaging an Antler and Some Pictures.

 I mentioned in an earlier post my boyfriend brought me home a lovely elk antler that he found. I decided to hang it the other day using coat hooks. I got to try out a laser picture hanging tool I picked up a few days ago it's coming in quite handy.
A very handy gadget

and here is is all hung up

I went to some garage sales last Saturday and took a few pictures on my walk

This cute kitty cat was very friendly he came over to have his ears scratched.

This is another kitty cat who came over for somepats

he was very friendly and got was very enthusiastic when rubbing against my feet

My neighbors down the street got a new puppy named Molly she's very friendly and always comes over to say hi when she's out.

My kitty in our front yard

here he is following me to my mom's house


Yellow Rattle

Red Columbine

Broad-Leaved Starflower

Coastal Strawberry

Western Trumpet Honeysuckle
Well that's all for now thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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