Friday, May 31, 2013

Hnaging an Antler and Some Pictures.

 I mentioned in an earlier post my boyfriend brought me home a lovely elk antler that he found. I decided to hang it the other day using coat hooks. I got to try out a laser picture hanging tool I picked up a few days ago it's coming in quite handy.
A very handy gadget

and here is is all hung up

I went to some garage sales last Saturday and took a few pictures on my walk

This cute kitty cat was very friendly he came over to have his ears scratched.

This is another kitty cat who came over for somepats

he was very friendly and got was very enthusiastic when rubbing against my feet

My neighbors down the street got a new puppy named Molly she's very friendly and always comes over to say hi when she's out.

My kitty in our front yard

here he is following me to my mom's house


Yellow Rattle

Red Columbine

Broad-Leaved Starflower

Coastal Strawberry

Western Trumpet Honeysuckle
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Second Apothecary Jar

I made an apothecary jar for a birds nest last year and I posted about it here. Well I found a second birds nest which appears to have fallen out of a tree as unfortunately all the eggs where broken around it. This one is a robins nest and I decided to bring it home and make a second apothecary jar for it. This one is larger than the first and I couldn't find a jar that was big enough for it so I had to improvise. Anyway here is how it turned out...
I decided to make a bell jar
The eggs from this nest where all broken so I bought these agate eggs

I spray painted the lid glossy white with krylon fusion for plastic and glued this bird I bought on top with E-6000

The stand is a plate and candle holder I got at the second hand store and glued together using the same glue I used for my first jar.
 Like I said I had to improvise as I couldn't find a jar that was large enough to fit the nest at least not at a price I was willing to pay. So after some thought I remembered I had a large glass cider jug that was left here when we moved into our house and this would be the perfect opportunity to try cutting glass. I've been watching a lot of videos in how to do it and in the end I picked this video as it made the most sense to me. Now the glass cutting actually didn't work how I'd hoped I didn't get a clean cut but more on that after I show a few pictures...
Okay so first off I didn't have a bottle cutter like the guy in the video and even if I did I don't think it would have worked on the cider jug. So I bought a glass cutter at home hardware and as you can see here I taped it really securely to  a wall with the cutting end in  the I turned the jug around well applying gentle pressure to make a score in the glass (I hope that made sense).
here is a photo of the score line.
So I did this in the sink and laid a towel down as a bit of a cushion when the bottom fell and began alternating pouring boiling water and cold water over the score line as the video instructed.

so the good news is it kinda worked my jug broke in half the bad news it was not a clean cut at all it broke some on the score line but it had jagged bits. Fortunately the rough parts where all below the score line so I decided to try getting some more of the larger leftover bits off by doing the hot and cold water some more and that's what the pieces of glass in the bottom part of the jug are.

Okay so I did manage to get the bulk of the glass below the score line to break off but was left with a few stubborn bits that just would not let go hmm what to do...
 So I did a bit of research on how to grind glass and it sounded like the things I needed would be expensive so I decided to take it to Proline Glass which is the closest glass cutting place to where I live. The guy there was awesome he cleaned up the edges really nice and didn't even charge me for it as it was such a quick job for him. When I was there I asked him some questions about cutting glass he confirmed what the guy in the video said that using fire when cutting glass is just to much stress on the glass. I mentioned maybe I should have practiced on something else first but he said cutting glass is really hit or miss and practice probably won't have helped much. It sounds like my results actually weren't bad all things considered. I actually won't mind trying again it was a fun experiment.  
     Anyways that's how my glass cutting went if anyone was interested.
I got my blue agate eggs at Naesgaad's Market....

Here are my "eggs" in my hand on  my way home from the market
So that's my second apothecary jar and I will leave off with a couple pictures from my walk to Naesgaard's...
This cute snail was crossing my path and he made me think of the animal crossing signs and I'm thinking I need to make a tiny snail crossing sign for my fairy garden how fun would that be.
Thimbleberry Blossom

I love wild roses they're in full bloom right now around here and they smell just divine
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Long Lake

 A Mother's Day picnic.
 a black bear cub there was another cub but he ran off into the bush so I didn't get a picture

Pacific Dogwood

Vanilla Leaf

not sure

Star-Flowering False Solomon's seal

arctic star flower

Common Garter Snake who must have been quite cold as he let me photograph him very close

Pacific Bleeding Heart

Long Lake

Oregon Grape Flower

He's hard to see but there is a willow grouse in this picture

a couple does I think this is a mama and here baby one was licking the other a lot
Well Happy Mother's Day and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lace Stepping Stones, Chandelier Crystals and More Flowers.

The other day I decided the stepping stones in our back yard that go from our deck to our garage where way to boring so I decided to paint them...
here they are I didn't take a before but they where just plain grey pavers.
I spray painted through lace
 Now these aren't quite as nice as I'd like them to be. I tested painting through the lace on a piece of cardboard before I sprayed the stones and the cardboard took the paint a lot better than the cement so I thought I'd only need one coat on my cement, so I pulled my lace off right away after I spray painted without checking first and my paint was a bit mottled and once you pull your lace of entirely it's impossible to put it back again. I'm okay with the mottled look but I think it would have looked better if it was more solid. But anyway here is what I did
I found it easiest to first surround my stone with cardboard and weight it down
then I layered my lace down on top of the cardboard and rocks and then pulled the rocks out one at a time and weighted my lace down over the stone, then I painted using Krylon Indoor/Outdoor in Regal blue
in between stepping stones I laid my lace over a Rubbermaid bin to dry it was quite a hot day and I found by the time I got my cardboard laid down my lace was dry enough to use. I did every second step so I wasn't laying cardboard over wet paint and by the time I  got to the end the paint on the first stone was dry enough that I could go back and do the skipped stones.
Okay I hope that all made sense I feel like this project really gave my stepping stones kind of a bohemian garden feel.
   For my next project I picked up a small bag of Chandelier Crystals at the second hand store for 50 cents they're actual glass, I was so exited when I found them they usually cost an arm and a leg so I snatched them up quick and decided to hang them outside in my little tree like I seen here via pinterest...

i hung one in a plant on the deck as well

They look so pretty when the sun shines through them and makes little rainbow patterns.
I also helped mum with her fairy garden

and i went for a walk on Thursday I took some photos...

Thimbleberry Flower

Cow Parsnip

Arctic Starflower

False Lilly of the Valley

Pacific Dogwood

Yellow Flowering Locust Tree

Hooker's Fairybell

I love to visit this guy he's such a cutey

Mountain Ash Flowers

Well That's all for now, Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!