Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring is Here.

Well I think spring has defiantly arrived in my neck of the woods, here are a few photos from a walk I took on Thursday...
English Daisy

Western Trillium

Pacific Bleeding Heart


Ornamental Plum Tree

These grow all over the neighborhood and put on a really lovely show, defiantly well worth the mess they make ha ha.

I'm not sure what this one is called

or this one

and this is a cat I seen I think he was on a mission he won't come say hello.
and here are some photo's of my mom's yard

Flowering Red Current

and some miscellaneous...
 Cat has got himself all settled. Here he is having a rest in the sun on our deck.

We've been having some April showers so the other day I was treated to this lovely rainbow when I stepped out of the house.
I just loved how the moss looked growing in the knot in this fence post
Salmon Berry Blossom
Fawn Lilly
 Well those are my spring pictures hope you enjoyed them and that spring has arrived where you are as well.
 Thanks for stopping by have a wonderful day!

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