Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just a Few Things

  Wow it's been a while again I guess we've been busy slowly (very very slowly) putting our house together hanging pictures and what not. Anyway we did take a break last Saturday to go out have a walk and roast some hotdogs...
Stamp Falls

Not sure what this flower is

Blue Eyed Mary

Chickweed Monkey Flower


Strawberry Flower

and Aaron lighting a fire for the dogs
I've also been working on a fairy garden...
Here's the whole thing

and a close up of the house

and another house I made

and another
For the houses I used mini bird houses I got a my local dollar store, they are very similar to the ones in this tutorial which has some very cool ideas and also shows how to cut out the door. After I cut my door I glued rocks to the houses using E-6000 I let it dry for a couple of days then I grouted it all using pre-mixed grout similar to this. I won't get into a lot of detail about the grout as this was my first time using the stuff and I just read the directions really carefully and went to it. As you can see in the picture my grout did kind of crack I have no idea why but I don't really mind I think it kind of adds to the whimsical effect. For the roofs I glued sea shells on one, old mans beard lichen on another and some other kind of lichen on the other. For all the little decorations I took inspiration from various pictures and tutorials which I have here on my pinterest page if your interested. Oh and my broken pot I found in the bush near my house some silly person thought it was garbage ha ha. My little dwarf was a kinder egg toy I got at some point.
     I got a wonderful house warming gift in the mail a few days ago from my best fiend in Alberta...
This is so cute.

A really pretty cotton table runner

I hung this guy on my door

and a very cheerful magnet I love frogs

and an awesome smelling bar of soap
Thank you so much Chelsea I love my gifts!
  I also got a very nice gift from the boyfriend
he found this elk horn when he went trout fishing with his cousin on his way home from work
 I went for an evening walk with my mom
we went down to the waterfront
and here are a few photos from a short walk I took...
skunk cabbage

not sure what these blossoms are

birds nest fungus

my favorite flower fairy slippers or calypso orchids

a pink fawn lilly

Pacific Bleeding Heart

Oregon Grape

Not sure what this is

a very cute and fluffy kitten
Some very cool mushroom ornaments in someones front yard I love mushrooms
 Well I think that's about it we are working on getting my sewing room put together so hopefully I will be able to get in there soon and have some projects to share.
  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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