Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just a Few Things

  Wow it's been a while again I guess we've been busy slowly (very very slowly) putting our house together hanging pictures and what not. Anyway we did take a break last Saturday to go out have a walk and roast some hotdogs...
Stamp Falls

Not sure what this flower is

Blue Eyed Mary

Chickweed Monkey Flower


Strawberry Flower

and Aaron lighting a fire for the dogs
I've also been working on a fairy garden...
Here's the whole thing

and a close up of the house

and another house I made

and another
For the houses I used mini bird houses I got a my local dollar store, they are very similar to the ones in this tutorial which has some very cool ideas and also shows how to cut out the door. After I cut my door I glued rocks to the houses using E-6000 I let it dry for a couple of days then I grouted it all using pre-mixed grout similar to this. I won't get into a lot of detail about the grout as this was my first time using the stuff and I just read the directions really carefully and went to it. As you can see in the picture my grout did kind of crack I have no idea why but I don't really mind I think it kind of adds to the whimsical effect. For the roofs I glued sea shells on one, old mans beard lichen on another and some other kind of lichen on the other. For all the little decorations I took inspiration from various pictures and tutorials which I have here on my pinterest page if your interested. Oh and my broken pot I found in the bush near my house some silly person thought it was garbage ha ha. My little dwarf was a kinder egg toy I got at some point.
     I got a wonderful house warming gift in the mail a few days ago from my best fiend in Alberta...
This is so cute.

A really pretty cotton table runner

I hung this guy on my door

and a very cheerful magnet I love frogs

and an awesome smelling bar of soap
Thank you so much Chelsea I love my gifts!
  I also got a very nice gift from the boyfriend
he found this elk horn when he went trout fishing with his cousin on his way home from work
 I went for an evening walk with my mom
we went down to the waterfront
and here are a few photos from a short walk I took...
skunk cabbage

not sure what these blossoms are

birds nest fungus

my favorite flower fairy slippers or calypso orchids

a pink fawn lilly

Pacific Bleeding Heart

Oregon Grape

Not sure what this is

a very cute and fluffy kitten
Some very cool mushroom ornaments in someones front yard I love mushrooms
 Well I think that's about it we are working on getting my sewing room put together so hopefully I will be able to get in there soon and have some projects to share.
  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Making a Hanging Moss Basket.

Okay so I have used the hanging baskets with the coconut core liners in the past and didn't have much luck. I found they just drained way to fast, I also tried doing them by just lining them with moss but had the same problem. I finally realized you need a combination of both the moss and the coconut liner.
I shared this picture in this post already.
So I thought I would share what I do if anyone has had the same problem as me.
Okay first off I go into the bush and collect up a bunch of moss I try to go off the path a ways as this does leave a bit of an ugly bare spot. You want to collect fairly large pieces about the size of your hand,or you could get a a big sheet but again I like the chunks as I can collect up little bits from more than one spot and it's not such a big obvious bare spot. Now make sure you're not in a park and that it is okay for you to A.go off the path and B.You are allowed to harvest moss.
Sorry about the blurry picture but once you get home you want to put your moss in you basket just like this
Now stuff in you're coconut liner it won't fit perfect and that's okay just do the best you can you can stuff some more moss in the top to kind of cover the liner a but more if you want.

Now I pour about 2 cups of perlite and 2 cups of peat in the bottom just to help retain a bit more moister then I pour my regular potting mix on top of that. Make sure you buy potting mix that has perlite in it as well these hanging baskets can really dry out so you want all the help you can get.

Now put your plants in and your done.
Well I hope this helps somebody I just love the look of these.
   Thanks for stopping by, Have a wonderful day!

Spring is Here.

Well I think spring has defiantly arrived in my neck of the woods, here are a few photos from a walk I took on Thursday...
English Daisy

Western Trillium

Pacific Bleeding Heart


Ornamental Plum Tree

These grow all over the neighborhood and put on a really lovely show, defiantly well worth the mess they make ha ha.

I'm not sure what this one is called

or this one

and this is a cat I seen I think he was on a mission he won't come say hello.
and here are some photo's of my mom's yard

Flowering Red Current

and some miscellaneous...
 Cat has got himself all settled. Here he is having a rest in the sun on our deck.

We've been having some April showers so the other day I was treated to this lovely rainbow when I stepped out of the house.
I just loved how the moss looked growing in the knot in this fence post
Salmon Berry Blossom
Fawn Lilly
 Well those are my spring pictures hope you enjoyed them and that spring has arrived where you are as well.
 Thanks for stopping by have a wonderful day!