Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Felt Birds, Garage Sale Score, and Toques From my Grandma.

 I've been making felt birds from the patterns on this website, the hardest part of these patterns is the cutting out, besides that they make great travel craft projects as long as you make sure to include all the beads and embroidery threads you need (I didn't bring everything I needed the first time I took these on the go). I've got some more cut out and made into little kits for when I visit the in laws with the boyfriend it's nice to have a little project to keep busy. I made some for Christmas as well and posted them here and here.
I've always liked puffins they have such a comical look about them.

These crows have wire feet in the pattern but I haven't gotten that far yet

Chickadees are so adorable

I made all these owls for my mom for Christmas I made 2 of each. Saw-Whet Owl, Horned Owl, Barn Owl and Snowy owl.

and a Canadian Goose
   I notice they have some new owl patterns (long eared owl, barred owl, and the eastern screech owl) that I'll have to make for my mom and also a really cute looking peacock they put up new patterns quite a bit so if your interested check back often for new birds. It's such a great sight you may have already found it through Pinterest I think that's how I found it, I know I've seen the patterns on there quite a bit.
    I went out to a garage sale the other day and got a nice set of dishes for $5.00 which was nice as my current set was from the dollar store and was getting a bit beaten up. I really like them a lot they are all hand painted so each bird is different on each plate, bowl ext.
I got 8 of each dinner plates, side plates, regular bowls and small snack bowls then 3 platters in varying sizes, a salad bowl, a baking dish with a lid and a gravy boat.(plus a salt and pepper shaker which aren't pictured here).

the dinner plate

inside of the bowl

inside of the little bowl

salad bowl


baking dish

here is one of the signatures on the back they are all different

another signature

and the salt and pepper shakers from the front

and the back
   Well those are the plates I really love the set, the one thing I was worried about when I got them home was whether they where microwave safe as it didn't say on the back so I found this test and they worked just fine.
   Now last but not least my Grandma made my boyfriend and I each a toque or beanie, I recently learned Americans don't know what a toque is they call them beanies which I'm curios about as I always thought of a beanie as these slouchy Jamaican hats. It's funny how you call something something all your life and amuse that's what everyone in the world calls it only to learn everyone has a different name for it. So where are you from and what do you call a toque?
a brown one for the boyfriend

a purple one for me
I love these toques they are so soft, she used this Bernat Pattern  (it says it's a man's hat but it works for me and I'm a girl) here which looks quite simple I think I might even be able to make it. It's knitted flat and then stitched together after.
    Well Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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