Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sparkly Shoes, Swans and Ducks

The boyfriend and I went to visit his sister and her family the other day, they live near the ocean so we went for a stroll along the beach where there where lot's of birds hanging out.
There where loads of people feeding the birds and the swans would come right up and stick there heads in the food buckets they weren't the least bit shy.

These swans with the orange beaks are Mute Swans and are introduced from Europe

One lone trumpeter swan this guy is a native swan and was listed as endangered but is now increasing in numbers although it's still rare.

A northern pintail having a rest, he's probably to full to move ha ha.

Northern Pintail again
American Widgeon

Buffleheads they where more shy than the other birds and didn't want to come in close for a photo


so many ducks

Lots of Seagulls

My boyfriend taking his nephew for a walk
and finally a very cuddly cat named Baby
Besides that I decided to try adding glitter to something so I got a pair of second hand shoes and I had a cute little nail kit that I got after Christmas. There are loads if tutorials out there but I really like this one where she mixes the glitter with the mod podge so much less messy.

So here is the shoe before I decided to just do the heel and I have it all taped off .

and here is the nail kit

Here is how it turned out but next time I am going to skip the painters tape it ended up pulling off some of my sparkles and also it didn't stick super well on all the curves so I got some glitter under the tape. Next time I well just use a small brush and be careful.

A close up I didn't get a super smooth edge but you can't really tell unless you look close still next time I will do things a bit differently.
My nail kit turned out good though I think

Well thats pretty much what I have been up to I went for a short walk yesterday I petted this fluffy orange cat but besides that it was pretty uneventful walk.
So fluffy
 It's starting to look like spring might be on it's way in my mom's garden
snow drops

I pulled back the mulch on my lavender plant and it's looking very nice and green underneath.
Well that's about it I'm working on a couple projects for the new house which I will post when I am done. I'm very exited to move in in March and I'm happy that the worst of the paper work seems to be over for the time being, I'm sure there will be more when we actually take ownership ha ha.
   Well thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great day!

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