Saturday, February 23, 2013

Decorating some glasses cases and the valentines I made this year.

    I guess the valentines are a bit late this year ha ha, I actually got them out a day late as well I was going to make up on the fudge on the 13th but I actually ended up having to make an emergency trip to the denist as I broke a tooth so I didn't make these up until the 14 and dropped them off on the 15th but hey better late than never.
   Okay so first I made up this cinnamon fudge...
Chocolate cinnamon fudge a very easy recipe no candy thermometer needed.
and I cut it up into heart shapes with a cookie cutter
Chocolate hearts 
and put them in little boxes I picked up at the dollar store and finished them off with paper roses I made (I seem to have lost the tutorial for them I know it was on instructables and I thought I had pinned it but apparently not) and some vintage style cards my mom found last year.

here it is all finished not the best picture I was in a bit of a hurry to finish them up
the paper roses

adorable cards

even the envelopes are cute
So those where my valentines this year I didn't get the best pictures I was in kind of a rush to get them done but anyway you get the idea.  Anyway the other day I decided to try and spruce up my glasses cases and here is how they turned out..
This one is okay I had other plans but it just didn't work out

I really like how this one turned out

So thats the after here is what they looked like before

and another before
and here is what I did I'll start with the silver one
I didn't realize this picture was so blurry but I used glitter adhesive to apply the glitter, I found it's a bit nicer than modpodge as it's thinker and easier to control where it goes so you don't get clumps and drips. The brand I used was Simply Screen but tulip has a glitter adhesive as well.

So this is the first coat of glitter and as you can see the writing is still quite obvious so I did a second coat and that pretty well covered it you can still see there was something there but can't really make it out.  For the glitter I just used some dollar store glitter I've used both cheap and expensive glitter and have found no difference between the two glitter is glitter it's all about the application.

so after the glitter I applied this rhinestone wild rose I picked up at the dollar store and went over the whole thing with mod podge then went over it again when it was dry cause no one wants glitter all over there glasses and hands.
So the brown one didn't go quite as smoothly as the silver one. Originally I wanted to do something like this rhinestone beach phone case but I couldn't find the rhinestones in the colors I needed so I decided I'd try puff paint instead anyways here is how that went
I still had a little further to go but I didn't like how it was going at all so I decided to try and remove all the paint and stuff but ended up destrying the vinyl part and ended up just tearing it all off along with the lining thinking it would be pretty easy to recover.
here is the inside

and the outside I'm getting ready to start gluing down my fabric with mod podge here
So I chose a fabric with a little bit of stretch which made things a bit easier
so this is the back I snipped the fabric and folded it over where the hinge is I hope that made sense

and pulled the fabric in on either side of the hindge. I've only glued the outside at this point and clipped it all in place to dry

there are some lumpy bits around the curves I just did my best to smooth them out

So I trimmed all my fabric now to about 1/4 of an inch and am gluing down the overlap, now again it's a bit bumpy around the corners I just did my best to smooth it out. I went really heavy in the mod podge here to help hold the fabric down (I put glue under the fabric as well)  you can't use the clips here or they will stick to the glue.
 For the lining I used felt and used the leftover glue from the old lining which was still very sticky and used a little hot glue around the edges to hold it in place. I just sort of trimmed it down as I went.
It's not the nicest looking job in the world but I guess it is only the inside .

   I won't try and recover a glasses case again it was a pain it didn't turn out that nice. For the glasses on the outside of the case I folded a piece of paper in half and drew half a pair of glasses on my fold cut it out and used it to trace the image into my case then painted it on with acrylic attached a few rhinestones and went over the whole thing with mod podge again.
    So that's what I've got finished lately I seem to have a bunch of projects on the go and don't seem to be finishing much, so I think I'll have to finish up some things now before I start anything new. I try to only have one or two things on the go at a time but every once in a while I get ahead of myself and just have to say hey pick one thing and finish it otherwise I end up with a house littered with UFO's (Unfinished Objects) as my landlord refers to her half finished projects.
Anyway hope you all are getting lots done have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sparkly Shoes, Swans and Ducks

The boyfriend and I went to visit his sister and her family the other day, they live near the ocean so we went for a stroll along the beach where there where lot's of birds hanging out.
There where loads of people feeding the birds and the swans would come right up and stick there heads in the food buckets they weren't the least bit shy.

These swans with the orange beaks are Mute Swans and are introduced from Europe

One lone trumpeter swan this guy is a native swan and was listed as endangered but is now increasing in numbers although it's still rare.

A northern pintail having a rest, he's probably to full to move ha ha.

Northern Pintail again
American Widgeon

Buffleheads they where more shy than the other birds and didn't want to come in close for a photo


so many ducks

Lots of Seagulls

My boyfriend taking his nephew for a walk
and finally a very cuddly cat named Baby
Besides that I decided to try adding glitter to something so I got a pair of second hand shoes and I had a cute little nail kit that I got after Christmas. There are loads if tutorials out there but I really like this one where she mixes the glitter with the mod podge so much less messy.

So here is the shoe before I decided to just do the heel and I have it all taped off .

and here is the nail kit

Here is how it turned out but next time I am going to skip the painters tape it ended up pulling off some of my sparkles and also it didn't stick super well on all the curves so I got some glitter under the tape. Next time I well just use a small brush and be careful.

A close up I didn't get a super smooth edge but you can't really tell unless you look close still next time I will do things a bit differently.
My nail kit turned out good though I think

Well thats pretty much what I have been up to I went for a short walk yesterday I petted this fluffy orange cat but besides that it was pretty uneventful walk.
So fluffy
 It's starting to look like spring might be on it's way in my mom's garden
snow drops

I pulled back the mulch on my lavender plant and it's looking very nice and green underneath.
Well that's about it I'm working on a couple projects for the new house which I will post when I am done. I'm very exited to move in in March and I'm happy that the worst of the paper work seems to be over for the time being, I'm sure there will be more when we actually take ownership ha ha.
   Well thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great day!