Friday, January 11, 2013

This and That

Fabric Flowers and some Necklaces.

    I guess it's been a while, I've been felling a bit under the weather for a while I think just a bit of the winter blues and stress from Christmas. I'm starting to feel better now though we had a nice sunny day the other day and I think it really helped so I'm getting back to my crafting now. Anyway since I'm having such a hard time with this winter I decided to use up some of my satin scraps and make some nice colourful fabric flowers to brighten up my home.
I think this adds some nice bright color in these dull winter days
yellow is so sunny and cheerful

pinks nice to
If anyone is interested there are a ton of tutorials for these satin flowers online here is one that I used I love the way she has incorporated burlap and mesh, I used some mesh I had around for the pink flowers and lace for the yellow flowers.
    We had some sunshine the other day so I went out for a walk to soak up some vitamin D well I had the chance and to collect up some branches to glue my flowers to.
the sun a little bit clouded over but it's there
I seen loads of deer tracks in the snow

The sun shiny through the trees
little mushrooms poking through the snow
As you can see from the pictures we had a bit of snow here. It came down on Tuesday I was at my grandma's with my mom helping her clean and setting up a quilt for my gran to work on.
The quilt all set up and ready to start on. This one is going to be for my boyfriends nephew. I made the truck for him for Christmas
planes, trains and automobiles.

I like how it looks to lay under the quilt
By the time we finished up the snow was really coming down we got our exercise walking home in it.

The only other project that I've gotten done lately is a few necklaces

   I seen my buddy Sylvester when I was out and about the other day he hasn't been coming around the house anymore I think that Dante has probably chased him off. I don't really know where Sylvester lives but I sure do see him all over the neighborhood he certainly gets around.
He wouldn't come over to have his ears scratched but sat and meowed at me for a while and followed me half way home.
Anyway that's about it I haven't been doing a lot hope everyone is having a good new year.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I love this post, so many lovely things to see. The pics are gorgeous but my fav is the braided necklace and flowers. just divine.