Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Cat Stole my Sock Basket, and I Made a Wreath

I was up at Canadian Tire the other day and they had a great deal on sea grass baskets, so I picked one up with the intention of storing my slippers and cozy socks on top of my dresser but no sooner had I got it on my dresser that my cat decided it was a fantastic place to nap.
 clearly this was put here just for me
yep this will do quite nicely
So I decided since he didn't seem to have any intentions of relinquishing his new bed I may as well make it comfy for him so..
I made up a cushion with a felted sweater which I stuffed with more squares of sweater

and popped it into the basket but then decided it needed a blanket so

I tucked a blanket I wasn't using in there as well and...
so far so good
yep I think it's been approved
 Also I decided I needed a simple mindless project to do so I made a wreath. My mom had a wreath form lying around that she wasen't using and I had a big ball of blue yarn and some birdies so...
Here is what I ended up making I bought the moss from the dollar store everything else was on hand

I made the mushrooms from 1/2'' wood "buttons" that are used to fill in screw holes in furniture,I don't think this was my idea I'm pretty sure I seen mushrooms like this on another blog somewhere. I really wanted to have frogs in the moss but I couldn't find any so I went with this cute bird.

hopefully the birds look like they're flying that's what I was going for

these guys where leftover from another project
Besides that I think the Boyfriend and I have bought a house we're just waiting to make sure they accept a couple conditions (we already agreed on a price) but I don't think it will be a problem and we're getting it inspected tomorrow. We'll be moving in at the end of March I'm so exited. It will be nice to have an actual sewing and craft room instead of having my projects constantly strewn about the living room and dining room and a garage for the boys stuff for the same reason.
  Well thanks for stopping by and I hope your having a wonderful day.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sprucing Up An Old Mirror

I've had this mirror for a while now the boyfriend and I bought it when we lived in Victoria at The ReStore and it's served us well but the edges are very beat up. I started to do something with it quite a while back but never finished and decided to go in a different direction so anyway here it is.
As you can see it's a little rough around the edges no pun intended

and again
So I added these roses to the corners using stained glass paint with the intention of making some kind of border to connect them up.

and I did these ones on the side
Now I decided that I wanted to do something different and was inspired by this artwork here when I did a search for mod-podged mirror. So I collected up some doilies and bought some white poster board and got to work.
here is how it turned out

Okay now in hindsight I really should have gone about things a bit differently. Instead of poster board I should have spray painted my white border onto the mirror and then mod-podged on my doilies and rhinestones. It was a huge pain to get the poster board glued down it wanted to warp and crinkle. I ended up having to do it twice as on my first attempt I tried to cut my poster board in two pieces which was really awful and when that went horribly wrong I had to tear it all off and scrape all the glue residue off the mirror before I could start fresh. So the second time I cut 6 pieces of poster board two pieces for the top and bottom and 4 pieces for my sides (the poster board wasn't long enough to do one long strip) the second attempt went better but not perfect I did manage to cover my mistakes and seams with the doilies but if I do this again I'll save myself the trouble and use paint. All in all I'm fairly happy with the results it was defiantly an experiment and I learned a lot.
    The boyfriend and I went for a drive at Nahmint Lake and the surrounding area which is one of my all time favorite places to visit it's so pretty. It was very snowy and icy up there.
such a wonderful view

I was so surprised to see these flowers blooming when everything is so covered in frost and ice. I'm not sure what this shrub is I can't seem to find it in my books.

Anyway that's pretty much what I've been doing lately haven't been getting a lot of crafting done as the boyfriend and I are actually trying to purchase a house and are working on getting everything together for that. Wow what a lot of little things to be done.  We're almost there though just waiting for approval for out loan to go through. 
  Hope everyone is well and getting lots of projects done have a wonderful day.

Friday, January 11, 2013

This and That

Fabric Flowers and some Necklaces.

    I guess it's been a while, I've been felling a bit under the weather for a while I think just a bit of the winter blues and stress from Christmas. I'm starting to feel better now though we had a nice sunny day the other day and I think it really helped so I'm getting back to my crafting now. Anyway since I'm having such a hard time with this winter I decided to use up some of my satin scraps and make some nice colourful fabric flowers to brighten up my home.
I think this adds some nice bright color in these dull winter days
yellow is so sunny and cheerful

pinks nice to
If anyone is interested there are a ton of tutorials for these satin flowers online here is one that I used I love the way she has incorporated burlap and mesh, I used some mesh I had around for the pink flowers and lace for the yellow flowers.
    We had some sunshine the other day so I went out for a walk to soak up some vitamin D well I had the chance and to collect up some branches to glue my flowers to.
the sun a little bit clouded over but it's there
I seen loads of deer tracks in the snow

The sun shiny through the trees
little mushrooms poking through the snow
As you can see from the pictures we had a bit of snow here. It came down on Tuesday I was at my grandma's with my mom helping her clean and setting up a quilt for my gran to work on.
The quilt all set up and ready to start on. This one is going to be for my boyfriends nephew. I made the truck for him for Christmas
planes, trains and automobiles.

I like how it looks to lay under the quilt
By the time we finished up the snow was really coming down we got our exercise walking home in it.

The only other project that I've gotten done lately is a few necklaces

   I seen my buddy Sylvester when I was out and about the other day he hasn't been coming around the house anymore I think that Dante has probably chased him off. I don't really know where Sylvester lives but I sure do see him all over the neighborhood he certainly gets around.
He wouldn't come over to have his ears scratched but sat and meowed at me for a while and followed me half way home.
Anyway that's about it I haven't been doing a lot hope everyone is having a good new year.