Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowball Earrings and Mexican Chocolates

  Hello there I was watching this video on you tube and really liked Leah's (the blond on the left) sparkly earrings and decided that they would be the perfect thing to wear to my boyfriend's Christmas party, which was yesterday and was a lot of fun. So I took a look through my craft stash and came up with these....
I decided to try and make them look like snowballs so they'd be a bit festive and used white glitter.

I found these wood beads in my things and I sanded them on a sanding block to be sure the mod podge would adhere well (the one on the left is sanded the right one is not)
I made a thing to hang them on well the glue dried with a piece of oasis, some silk flower stems and twine that I had lying around. I just mod podged the beads rolled them in glitter let them dry and sealed the glitter with another coat of podge.
I'm pretty happy with them festive but not to tacky and loud.
   I'm also working on a gift to mail to a friend of mine in Alberta and today I made some "Mexican" chocolates. My boyfriend and I went to Mexico a few years ago when we first met and when we where there we got these blocks of chocolate for making hot chocolate or just for eating, well on the t.v the other day there was a show where they showed what was in them so I worked out a recipe to make "Mexican" chocolate...
So the ingriedients are a 1/2 cup of melting wafers, a scant1/4 cup of sliced almonds ( you could use almond powder if you wanted), a generous pinch of cayenne powder and a generous 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon. I actually chopped my almonds just a bit because I'm using a small mold and wanted to make sure it would all fit.

 Now this is pretty simple all you do know is
melt the wafers in a double boiler then stir in the other ingredients really well to make sure everything is blended evenly now...
pour your chocolate in a chocolate mold (or a pan or just a sheet of wax paper and just break up the block), I got this Christmas mold at the dollar store, use a butter knife to distribute the chocolate in the molds  and smooth the bottoms of the chocolates(or smooth to desired thickness with a spatula if not using a mold), give your mold a few taps on the counter to get out any bubbles and pop it in the freezer for a few minutes then.....

your chocolates should pop out of the mold easily.  Now I've learned the hard way homemade chocolates and candies don't have the same shelf life as store bought so store them in a sealed container (I found this cute tin and the dollar store)  and I recommend keeping them in the fridge if they will be sitting for awhile but if they will be eaten within a couple weeks or so they should be fine left on the counter. They don't really go bad but they just don't taste good anymore after about a month or so. 
I just love this tin so cute
Well I hope you enjoyed I've got some other things for my friend that I'll share probably tomorrow.

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