Monday, December 17, 2012

My Mom and Dad's Gifts

So for my dad I got some socks and a $25.00 wholesale sports gift card which I ordered and should be on it's way.
wooly socks for dad
For my mom I found a few things
I got this book at a thrift store my mom is always doing cross stitch and this has some really cute patterns

I also made some felt owls which I found the pattern for here and some felt cardinals which I found the pattern for here. I also found some chocolate covered brandy cherries and 2 panda black licorice sticks

and I sewed up this owl basket to put it all in, if you haven't guessed my mom likes owls ha ha. 
I picked up this umbrella for my mom as well it's nice a sturdy so it should last a couple years.

If anyone is interested to make the owl basket I...
cut out 5 10" by 10" squares in each of the following lining fabric, buckram, and outer fabric and over locked the edges of the outer and lining fabric with the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine then...

I printed out this picture I found by doing a Google image search then I cut out all the pieces then..
I cut it all out in felt in my desired colors then...
glued it down to one of my panels with washable fabric glue, I used an old paintbrush to apply a generous amount of glue to the felt pieces. Make sure to lay all your pieces out first to make sure you get everything where you want it. I waited overnight for everything to dry before I sewed everything together. I won't get into detail about the assembly as there are a ton of basket tutorials out there.
So there it is my mom and dads gifts and here everything is all wrapped up
For my moms gift I used fabric, on the umbrella I secured it with safety pins at the end and a bow attached to elastic I saved from something, and for the basket I just tied the fabric like in this tutorial here. For my dad I had a gift bag from last year and some tissue paper from another gift. To make tags I used some sticker tags I had and stuck them to a piece of cardboard from the recycle pin that I cut to size and hole punched so I could tie it to the gift.
So that's my mom and dads gifts. Have a great day I'll see you next time.

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