Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello thought I'd say Merry Christmas and share so pictures I took when visiting the boyfriend's family at Mt.Washington on Sunday. His family likes to ski and snowboard, I on the other hand have tried skiing twice and kind of hated it, it just does not feel right to me having two big long boards strapped onto my feet, I can't ice skate either and I don't like hockey how uncanadian of me ha ha. Anyway we did try snowshoeing and I really quite enjoyed it.
Here we go the boyfriend started out in the lead
Here's the bf posing for a pic
Lots of snow
more snow
We seen these geese flying overhead you'd think they would have gone around the mountain
hmm I think it' been snowing a bit the sign got just a little buried
and these are my sister in laws parents Yoko and Sam who we went with.
A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree ha ha.
Ocea enjoying her new sock monkey we decided to let the kids open there gifts early
and AJ with his truck he was not really feeling well and wasn't really into posing for a photo. When he opened up his gift he exclaimed "hey trucks don't have eyes" I thought it was quite cute he did seem to like it though apparently he slept with it last night
Passed out with the sock monkey
This cute little shrew kept scurrying around between the window and the snow that was piled against it he had little tunnels all through the snow. We put some little snacks out there for him to eat. It's crazy to think something so tiny could survive a winter up on a freezing cold mountain. Good luck little buddy hang in there.
the moon looked so lovely as we where getting ready to go
Anyway Merry Christmas tomorrow if you celebrate and if you don't just have a lovely day.

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  1. The pics are amazing. Love all the gifts especially the little truck with eyes, so cute and personal. The little creature looks so lonely and cold, hope he survived the snow.