Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coffee Sack Shopping Bags, Pencil Cases and Some Photos of This and That

I'll start with the shopping bags in my last post I made place mats for my sister in law with one of the coffee sacks I got for free from a coffee roaster and this time I decided I'd make grocery bags.
Here they are, one sack made two bags. They've worked pretty well but I'm in the process of making another one and I changed the shape a bit.
The inside I used the same fabric I used for the place mats which is from a thrifted bed sheet
 Dante of course had to come help thanks Dante I just could'nt do it without you
My mom and I packed shoe boxes this year for operation christmas child and decided we had so much fun we are going to do it again next year but this time we are going to start collecting things up and making things all year round so it's not as big an expense all at once. Anyway I decided it would be fun to make pencil cases for each one. We are planning on packing 6 boxes next year one for each sex in each age group.
Here they all are although one is kind of hiding at the end there, I'm really happy with how they turned out
I've got a few things already and am looking forward to filling them up with school supplies.
I was very exited to see my X-mas cacti are blooming, it's such a nice pop of color in the middle of winter it gets very grey and dreary where I live.
this one was given to me by my mother in law a couple years back for my birthday I think .
This one is from my mom she loved it but can't seem to keep X-mas cactus alive so she bought it for me with the theory that she is here quite a bit anyway so she could visit it.
I went out for a walk the other day and took some photos of some of the mushrooms that are popping up all over with the wet weather. I've always loved mushrooms they're so whimsical and have always helped to lift my spirits in the winter when it gets so grey and gloomy.
These ones where all clustered at the base of a moss covered tree

I loved the pop of orange

I loved these little tiny ones
Well I hope you are having a wonderful day until next time.


  1. I love the photos and the bags. Burlap is one of my favorite fabrics so I am in love with the grocery bags. I always say this here, but I wish I could sew!
    You are so gifted.

    1. You always leave the nicest comments, thanks so much.