Saturday, November 17, 2012

Venison, Placemats, a Bird, a Cat and a Snake Scarf.

Wow I guess it's been a while since I last posted anything, I've been a bit busy my dad shot two deer this year so we've been a bit busy with that butchering your own meat is hard work but it's nice to know I've got a freezer full of organic lean meat now. I've also made 2 big pots of broth and my mom helped me can it. I rendered the tallow from the second deer and am going to try making soap and am attempting to tan one of the hides.
This is the tallow (or fat) that I rendered from the deer. I found a tallow soap recipe so hopefully I can get my hands on some lye soon. The sight also shows you how to render the tallow.

here is half the broth I got from both deer the other half is at my moms.
Every once in a while I decide I'm going to learn how to knit and recently I picked my knitting needles again and made this snake scarf  it was a good pattern for me to learn to increase and decrease.

I thought about trying to give him a stripe down his back but decided I'd stick with learning to increase and decrease and save knitting with two colors for my next project. I had fun making this guy though and would make it again.
    My sister in laws birthday is coming up and the last time we visited she was wanting some new place mats so I used a coffee sack I got for free at a coffee roaster and a bed sheet I picked up second hand.

I made 8 all together with 4 different stencils.




and the back with the sheet I cut up
 So I hope she likes them and they hold up well.
  I found a little bird on my doormat the other day I guess he must have flown into the window I checked him over and he seemed to be just fine but when I tried to set him down where the cat won't get him he won't let go of my finger
holding on for dear life

he did let go after awhile and flew off into a nearby tree

 and my friend Sylvester cat has been coming by quite a lot lately to have his ears scratched and for a few snacks.
Sylvester looking for a few treats and an ear scratch.

and I seen these little mushrooms when I was out and about the other day
I think this is called shaggy mane but I could be wrong.
So that's what I've been up to until next time have a great day.