Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amazing DIY Moisterizer and Toner, Acorns and a Orphaned Earring Tree.

Hello well I haven't been up to much latly as the boyfriend and I have both got the flu but I have been puttering away at a few things. I'll start with a homemade toner and moisturizer that I've been using for a couple months now which have been working amazing, they are actually reducing the ruddiness of my skin which is something that nothing else has ever done for me and I had thought it was something I just had to live with and they have also reduced the amount of pimples I get.
From left to right there is moisterizer, eye-makeup remover(I also just use it as an eye moisturizer) and toner.
So I got the recipes at potholes and pantyhose and they are all very simple and relatively inexpensive to make. The moisterizer is watery like a toner so I use a cotton pad to apply it and just toss the pads in the compost bin. One change I made to the moisterizer was adding one drop of tea tree and one drop of lavender essential oil which really helped clear up any acne but the cider vinegar helped a lot with that already so the essential oil isn't really necessary unless you have some really stubborn acne.
   As for the toner the only change I made was to cut it with water, the eye-make up remove is the same and I use it as an night time eye moisterizer as well as make-up remover.
   So anyway I really encourage you to give these a try they've worked so well for me and she has a lot of other great things on her sight as well for beauty as well as cleaning.

Next I've been playing around with acorns that I've collected up on my strolls.
I got this jar second hand and painted some acorns 3 shades of blue and did an ombre sort of thing.

I glittered these guys but I need to find a cute little dish to display them in
and finally I was wondering what to do with all my orphaned stud earrings that I get at in my broken jewlery that the thrift shop saves for me and finally decided to do a jewelry tree and here is how it turned out
I think the more earrings I add the cooler it will look I embroidered the tree and stretched and glued the fabric to a piece of cork. 
   I found the tree pattern online but yet again forgot to bookmark the page where I found it, one of these days I'll learn. So those are a couple little things I've done until next time and have a wonderful day.

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  1. This is so cool! I love the acorn but the tree is amazing. What a neat idea. I always enjoy my visits here.