Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Couple of Chairs

I picked up a couple chairs at a a couple garage sales that needed some love. The first one was $6.00  and since it's on wheels I thought it would be really nice for my sewing chair.
here it is, just a little outdated and it was also very rickety and needed to have some joints re-glued.

So here is the after I first re-glued the joints then gave it a coat of Frozen hot chocolate in Benjamin Moore in semi-gloss.

For the fabric I had some heavy white canvas that I ombre dyed with tintex in royal blue (after I sewed it all together) then stenciled an octopus on the back. The fabric didn't go on as nicely as I would have liked so I may have to play around with that a little to see if I can't get it smoother and less lumpy.

a close up of Olly octopus you can really see how lumpy things are here.
   I got this next one for $5.00 it was very beat up and smelled a bit like pee pee. apparently the people have dogs that chewed up the cushions and possibly peed on them as well.
The before, Dante was not sure about how it smelled at first he sniffed it a long time before he finally flopped down in it.

So here is the after I'd like to paint the frame but I think it will have to wait until next summer now. Dante has decided that this is now his favorite chair although he does still sit in this chair but he seems to prefer this one especially if I'm sitting in it then he sits and stairs at me until I get out of it then jumps in it.

He also likes to be under it

a good spot to lay an ambush on bit's of string and toy mice. He used to like to hide and run out and grab at our legs but stopped after he started getting overzealous with the claws (I don't think he liked the names we called him).
So anyway that's what I've been up to have a great day.


  1. Dante is so cute! I Love the chairs but Dante stole the show.

  2. Great chairs! So cute cat. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)