Monday, September 10, 2012

The Fall Fair

 The animals
I loved this little chick snoozing in by the food

Great big clysdale

These cows are called ankole-watusi and are native to Africa. There horns are used for defense and can span up to 8ft or 2.4 meters from tip to tip.

This guy had an itch and was having a scratch on his buddies bum

a cute little bunny

This guy is named Duckers very original

I love goats

I loved the look on this old billy goats face he seemed to be really enjoying himself

All tuckered out

Rooting around in the dirt

another goat this guy was very friendly

This kid and his mom was in the same pen as the black goat above and the black one was quite jealous of the attention the little guy was getting and would come over and try to but him out of the way when people where petting him.

tiny horse

a tiny chicken

I like this fluffy guy

and the crafts and plants and things
I thought this looked so pretty

so many flowers

lots of dahlias

more dahlias

and even more dahlias

This was so pretty I love the cut work

I love this horse

a close up of the face

I love these plushies so cute

and a couple more plushies

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  1. The pics are all beautiful but the kid is my fav. My dad had lots of goats when I was growing up so I have lots of fond memories of playing with the those cute babies.