Monday, September 3, 2012

Tea Making

   I blogged about making tea a while back here and here and thought I'd give a little update. So the tea I wanted to make was angel water (third one down) from silk roads which is a wonderful tea shop I used to go to when I lived in Victoria. So anyway I was able to acquire all the ingredients except the elder flowers and I mixed them all up today.
Here are all my ingredients which I harvested and dehydrated in my dehydrator  (If you want a dehydrator check out second hand shops before you spend a fortune I actually got mine from my mom as she never uses it.). When drying herbs it seems to be best to set your dehydrator to a low medium to best preserve the colour.

and here is everything all mixed up I mixed equal parts of all my herbs (about 1/2 a cup of each)

a close up I think it looks so pretty

and here is the tea after about 2 minutes of brewing, it's such a fragrant tea very soothing.
I've had a lot of fun harvesting all my herbs to make this tea and would really like to try planting more herbs next year to harvest.
I got a little chamomile as well but I didn't plant much as it was kind of an experiment and I wasn't diligent enough about harvesting the flowers as they grew and lost a lot of flowers. I'll defiantly be planting more next summer.
The boyfriend and I went for a walk the other day and managed to catch a few crayfish to photograph, we got soaked but it was a lot of fun. There where some tiny baby ones but they where impossible to catch (believe me we tried).
The bf is demonstrating the pinching power

I got pinched a couple times they don't draw blood but it still hurts.

they all had little bugs on there pinches we were wondering if they are some kind of parasite  

Such funny looking critters

This guy had one tiny pincher lots of them where like that and we wondered if it's a defense mechanism that there pinches fall off easily so there able to escape predictors, I've heard racoons love to eat these guys, I wonder what other predictors they'd have I wonder if bears would bother with them or even be dexterous enough to catch them. I'll have to look into the matter.
Well bye for now I've got some cray fish information to look up.

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  1. You are so multi dimensional. I love the idea of making my own tea. Looks delicious!