Thursday, September 13, 2012

pin cushions

I made up some new pincushions the other day. First off I remembered I had this frog scrubby holder tucked away which I originally bought at a second hand store to use as a planter, well that didn't really work out but I couldn't bring myself to get rid off the cute little fellow.  I remembered he had a hole in his head which I guess is to put a scrub brush in that I thought would be perfect to hold a little pair of thread snips.
So here he is I found some blue vintage fabric in my stash and stitched up the cushion. One tip when making a pin cushion is to use wire wool to stuff your cushion it makes your needles stay sharp and rust free longer.

and a font view I'm very pleased.
Now for cushion number 2 I found a sugar thing at the second hand store that had a spot on the side with a wooden spoon in it and again thought thread snip holder you can never have to many thread snips around the house when your sewing.
I decided to make this one into a fish bowl with a red siamese fighting fish in honor of my first pet Morris Oakengoat who I bought when I was 17.

and some thread snips which where a bit of a splurge at $17.00 but I've always wanted a pair, my mom has had a gold set for as long as I can remember and I've always coveted them.
 I used this PDF patter found here near the bottom of the page and made myself a hedgehog pincusion

I picked up these cool sew on googley eyes at a garage sale I think
and I used this tutorial and a cow I found in my stuff when my mum and I cleaned up the basement at her house (ya I still have a bunch of stiff at my moms).
I'm using this guy for my silk pins


I made this one a long time ago for my silk pins but it's nice to have two when your sewing one to leave by the machine and one to take to where your pinning. I used this tutorial for it
So there's what I've been up to lately you can never have to many pincushions or thread snips at least as far as I'm concerned no one wants pins ending up on the floor or threads dangling from there shirt.

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