Thursday, September 13, 2012

My dryer has balls

   I seen some wool drier balls being sold at a table at a local event for a more money than I was willing to pay and decided to see if I could make them myself, and after doing some reading I found that not only where they super easy to make people where really raving about them. So when I was garage saleing the other day I was delighted to find a 100% lambswool sweater (which had actually already been shrunk quite a bit) in a box of free stuff.  So I brought it home and cut it into strips about 1" wide and wound the strips into balls and tucked in the ends when I got the ball to the size I wanted. Here is what my drier balls look like
So they aren't as pretty as some of the others that I've seen but holy cow do they ever work well they cut down on drying time and soften the clothing without nasty fabric softeners. The blue one in front is a small ball of yarn I had in my stash from back when I tried to learn to knit.
Here are a few tutorials on how it's done a lot of the use yarn but I figure wool yarn is pricy if you can get a wool sweater for cheap or free it's a very economical why to make these.
This is a cool way to do it if you know how to knit
Here is is done with wool batting
Here with yarn
Here is a neater way to do it with a wool sweater with some sewing involved
    The process of actually felting the drier balls is pretty much the same in every tutorial stick them in some old panty hose and run them through a hot water wash and the drier twice.

   These are really awesome they really cut down on drying time. I guess in an ideal world we would all hang our cloths to dry but that's not always an option when you live in a small space especially in the winter or if you have no yard. I'd really recommend giving these a go if you use your drier at all they'll really save you some money on electricity (or save your quarters at the laundry mat) and fabric softener if you use it.


  1. Fantastic idea and way to rescue that shrunken discarded sweater! I've heard that tossing a (dry) hand-towel helps with drying time too, but I think I may give this a try; I'm pretty sure I still have some wooly sweater scraps lying around somewhere.

  2. Excellent inspiration. I can't wait to experiment with the jewelry and polish. Sounds like fun!