Friday, September 28, 2012

Just some Pictures

dragon fly

poor guy was short a wing

My uncle has an old barn on his property that is going to be torn down and this guy was inside so I took him down to a pond not to far from the barn.
unhand me this instant

your new home go free little buddy

my uncle rents his fields out and has horses staying there at the moment

I love this one with one brown eye and one blue eye

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Jewelry, Drier Balls, Gun Rugs and a Squirrle

   I get a local second hand shop to save me any broken or unwanted jewelry and they sell it to me for very cheap, so I got a bag the other day and thought I'd share a couple of the pieces I worked on.This first one I was pretty exited about because I had a couple necklaces sort of like it in my inspiration binder.
Inspiration binder

 More inspiration binder
 Now mine with just one little problem it's kind of broken...
it was only missing 8 beads so I took 4 from the unbroken side and added them to the other side.

I also didn't like the clasp so...

I took this clasp off of another broken piece that came in the bag and got re-threading

but of course I can't do anything without the furry foreman

Thanks Dante that's very helpful

and here it is all new and improved
So this next one I initially hated when I first seen it but then I decided with a little adjustment it was actually kind of cool and neon seems to be in right now
The yellow ones are way to crazy for me but the pink ones aren't so bad it's just to much all together so

I detached the top from the bottom and added a simpler top, I had a hard time deciding between silver and gold

but finally decided on silver, not bad at all on there own and

the top part is pretty cute to

Two for the price of one not to shabby
 These next one I felt could use some nail polish

 I thought it was a nice pop of colour.
I got these cool beads which I will have to do something with

and this lizard brooch who is missing a foot, he was gold but I decided he'd be cute nail polished (I'm really going to town with the nail polish) and I think he turned out pretty cute

And 80's earring

more 80's earring if anyone has any ideas for these let me know because I'm at a total loss. 
I got some other things as well to play around with but that's what I've worked on so far. I bought this next one today for $3.00 and again broke out the nail polish...
before, I like it but it needs some colour

after, nice and bright (my goodness am I ever pale)

Here it is with the polish I used
    I made so more dryer balls and this time I actually did use some wool yarn and roving which I picked up second hand, it really does make a nicer drier ball and the sweater ones didn't hold together like I would have liked but I think if I would have stitched them they would have worked. Anyway this time I used the sweater in the center of the ball and gave it a quick wrap in roving then a quick wrap in wool and they've held together beautifully. I gave some to my mom but I keep forgetting to ask if she likes them.
It doesn't take very much yarn just a quick wrap to hold it all together you don't need the roving I just used it on some of them because I got it cheap at a garage sale, if you have a friend who knits I bet you could get there leftover wool to use.

almost forgot I tried it this way as well where I stitched a ball out of the wool sweater then stuffed it with more wool sweater I used wool yarn to stitch it up. This worked pretty well but the other way worked better.
My dad's shooting buddy Margie B asked if I would make her some guns rugs like the ones I made for my dad but she wanted a model 19 Smith Wesson on her's so I looked one up and made up a stencil.
I made one in red and black

and one in green and brown
 and lastly I seen this cute little fellow when I was out for an evening walk yesterday

So anyway having a lot of fun with the nail polish I hope you give it a try and until next time have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ombre Jewlery

I found this tutorial on youtube and decided to give it a try on some of my old jewlery I have around.

Hmmm I need to wash my coffee table but anyways I had a lot of fun it did take a bit of practice though and some turned out better than others. I wish I would have found this video before I got rid of most of my nail polish I had pretty much every color of the rainbow from when I was a teenager but I rarely paint my nails these days and when I do I paint them subtle shades.
   Well anyways there we have it a great way to perk up some old jewelry and if you don't like how it turns out it's super easy to take the polish off with some nail polish remover.