Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Cousins Wedding

    I went to my cousins wedding today and it was very lovely, I just have to share the handmade decorations my Aunt (the grooms mother) put together.
light up center piece

nest on the center pieces

Sorry this one is very blurry but you get the idea

the flower on the corner of the head table

I loved this little butterfly on one of the center pieces

These butterflies where all over the blurry trees above

 The colors where lime green, purple and purple-blue.Below is a photo of a finger print tree I made for the guests to finger print I didn't get an after picture I totally forgot but here is what it ends up looking like as well as the template for the tree I used. I couldn't figure out how to print the template and just ended up drawing my tree from the picture onto a piece of artist canvas.

Below is my outfit and a purse I made to go with it

I didn't get a before picture of this dress but I got it on sale for $20.00 (it was $90.00 regular) but it was a super ugly brown and a maxi dress so I dyed it a nice chocolate brown with tintex deep brown in the washing machine (for a great tutorial look here and check out her blog here well your at it) and hemmed to just above my knee. I really like how it turned out.

I made this purse to go with my dress from the cuffs off of 2 pairs of pants I turned into shorts.

The beaded part was tan but I mixed tintex dyes until I got my desired shade of teal and then used this pattern and directions for my purse

I had a small piece of sateen I had picked up second hand that I used for the lining, all my things fit in very well it was a very nice size.  

and these clips where another second hand find, and the square ring was off a purse that I tossed a while back. I always  save the hardware off my worn out purses as it lasts forever and it expensive to purchase at the craft store.
Well anyway hope everyone is having a good day, I'm off to bed now as it's past my bedtime, but I just had to share the decorations my aunt did a fantastic job of pulling together a very lovely wedding on a very tight budget.


  1. That's a lovely dress and bag! I've started keeping the hardware from bags that are destined for the bin, like you said they're so expensive to buy.

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  3. The dress is beautiful and the bag is so ingenious! I Love it! Ha ha, am scared to try this but I just might be inspired enough to try something similar even though I am not good at sewing....thanks for the inspiration.