Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More 1912 costumes

I had a couple of costume events to go to as it is the British Columbia Day long weekend here in BC. Here I am on Sunday the 5th...
here is a photo my mum snapped before I left, I guess she was pretty hot and tired as it's just a little of center ha ha

Here is me with the other ladies, I'm the 3rd from the left. There costumes where all so wonderful they are all such talented ladies.
and here I am today, august 6th, out at a local steam mill that has been restored.
another group shot I'm the one in the back to the right, hmm kind of a loner aren't I

Patricia and I

and a lovely shot of Patricia

and poor Trisha crying because she has to do the laundry, it's okay I'd cry if I had to wash my laundry on a board to.

Now this is terrible but this lovely ladie's name has escaped me. I'm trying so hard to get everyone's name down.
Here's Trisha again I guess typing is less upsetting

I guess some things never change ha ha, they had these naughty photos up in the old bunk house
So there we have it my British Columbia Day long weekend a wedding and some costume wearing. Hope anyone else who is in BC enjoyed themselves as well.

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  1. You ladies look great in your costumes and it looks like so much fun. the washing does look like something to cry about though, lol.