Thursday, August 16, 2012

Faux Fur Scarf

I got a lovely but very small piece of faux fur at a second hand store a while back and decided I'd make a scarf to wear this winter. I looked up this tutorial by meg allen cole, who's tutorials I usually really like, but was a bit disappointed with it as she doesn't tell you how to properly cut or sew faux fur. Luckily I'd read a bit about faux fur in the past and knew something wasn't quite right with the way she was doing things, so I looked through my magazines and found a really great tutorial in Quick stuff to sew winter 2011 on page 16.
pg 16 of quick stuff to sew winter 2012
 So first of all Meg tells you to just hack into your fur all willy nilly through all the layers, this is going to give you a hacked up unnatural look that's just not going to look good. What you want to do is draw your pattern with chalk onto the back of your fur then carefully cut through only the back layer of the fabric DON'T cut the fur or at least do your best not to you will get the occasional piece that's fine and most definatly DON'T "clean" up "stray" hairs by hacking along the edge of the fabric on the back as meg does in her video, again it will give you a hacked off bad haircut you did yourself kind of look.

This illistration is showing you to mark your fabric and use small snips to carefully cut through the back layer of fabric only.
Now to sew your fur (this applies if you'r sewing fur to fur or fur to something else) you want to tuck the fur into the seam as your sewing so there not all stuck in the stitching which will make your seam stick out like a sore thumb. You can use a pencil a chopstick whatever is handy.

here is an illustration of the fur being tucked under with a chop stick
 A couple other things not mentioned in the video are if you have a walking foot use it or it's hard to keep your layers from slipping apart and secondly you will probably need to release your presser foot pressure to sew such a thick fabric.

Now like I said earlier I really like Meg's Tutorials she's normally very though and I'm defiantly not saying I could do a better job, this is her only tutorial I've ever really had issues with and I just wanted to share how to properly cut and sew fur so if you decide to do it you won't be disappointed with your results.

   Anyway here is my scarf
Scarf and a tank top nice. I guess it's a little early for a scarf but it will be nice in the winter.

I'm pretty happy with it I had to unpick it the first time I sewed it as I didn't let off the pressure on my foot and I didn't use my walking foot so my seam ended up all wonky with a bunch of leftover fabric hanging over the bottom piece of fabric (did that make sense I hope so I should have snapped a picture) after i redid it though it worked out and I hand stitched the ends .
Well that's my 2 cent's worth I really hate to rip apart Megs tutorial but I really felt she just did it wrong I guess you can't win em all (boy do I ever know that ha ha). So Anyway have a good day and I hope you give faux fur a go.

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  1. I will take your word on this since I can't sew a lick. Looks great though.