Thursday, August 2, 2012

Apothicary Jar

  A while back I posted about a birds nest in my mum's car port (right at the very bottom of the post) and unfortunately the nest was in fact abandoned, so I decided to bring the nest home and blow out the eggs, I found this tutorial here . I used a very small finishing nail and a regular sized straw that I placed over the opening.

here is the nest before with 4 eggs

here are the eggs drying after I blew them out, I lost one in the process they're so delicate
 So after I got the eggs all blown out I realized that I didn't really want my nest getting all dusty as it would be hard to clean and remembered seeing all the lovely apothecary jars that are all the rage at the moment. A perfect solution but with a hefty price tag so I did a search on making them yourself and then headed to the local second hand store to pick up a fish bowl and a candle holder, then I got a drawer pull at the hardware store for a handle on the lid, I raided my mum and dad's wood pile for a log and sawed of a piece for the lid.
I really like how it turned out

A close up of the lovely nest. When I was inspecting it I realized that these must be some highfalutin birds as the spot for the eggs is fur lined, they must have found some dog hair from someone grooming there dog. Perhaps they couldn't find a good nanny and abandoned there eggs.

One thing I was very disappointed with is that the welbond glue they recommended at the hardware store didn't dry clear, I guess I should have read the package more carefully, in the future my boyfriend recommended a silicone glue

I used hemp twine to make a lip on the bottom of the lid to keep it in place I used wood glue to attach it

and I used wood glue to attach my drawer pull handle
 Overall I'm very happy with how it all turned out and I just love having this lovely nest with the little eggs in it to display.


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