Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tea on the Terrace

  Hello there
   Well today I had my first event to go to in my 1912 centennial costume. A local art gallery (the Rollin Art Center) holds a tea on the terrace every Thursday in the summer and this year they asked if the centennial belles (we're being called the centennial belles now) would come and help serve the guests, so this time it was my turn along with two other lovely ladies.
There I am in the middle and the other gals are Patricia and Maggie

Patricia was very pleased with the back of her dress it was very lovely. Her hat was gorgeous you can't see in the photo but it had lovely peacock feathers along with the bright flowers.

and here I am in front of mum's house I got my dad to drive me over I didn't really want to go on the bus in my costume.
Well I certainly had a lot of fun everyone's costumes where lovely and I sure did have fun making mine

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  1. Wow....I love all the costumes from the victorian era. These are lovely.