Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Finished Projects

  I seen this beer shirt the other day when I was searching for something on google and I decided to make one for my boyfriend..
A close up of the beer

and the boy wearing it
My mum cross stitched this herb picture for me and I got it framed up yesterday
herb picture

a close up, I must have a smudge on my camera lens
My mum cross stitched a ring pillow for my cousin's wedding and I sewed it all up

There wedding colors are lime green and purple

My mum and I chose this butterfly fabric as there are butterflies on the center pieces my aunt is making. You can't see in the photo but the fabric is sparkly.
and last of all I cut up a fitted sheet the other day for the fabric and the cat decided he liked playing with the elastic bits
ah cute
So that's what I've been doing I have a few other projects on the go as well that I'll be sharing when I'm done.
   Have a great day everyone


  1. Did you screen print the beer shirt? It came out really nice. I adore the needle work your mum did. I can see who you got your talents from. Beautiful pieces.

    1. Ah thanks, I actually stenciled the shirt. I always used to take it for granted that I had a crafty mum when I was a kid but now I realize I was really lucky. My mum and dad spent so much time with my brother and I when we where young and taught us so many valuable skills.