Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Homing Pigeons

   There is a guy in town who keeps pigeons and I have always been curious about them, so a couple weeks ago he was outside so I asked about them. Well he was more than happy to educate me all about pigeons, apparently he has been keeping them since he was about 6 and has won prizes for them, he brought out photo albums and ribbons to prove it ha ha. So anyway here are some pictures..
Here are some of the birds hanging out in there pen. They're homing pigeons he's let them go in California and Eastern Canada and they've found there way home.

A couple of babies I think these ones where 3 weeks old

The eggs are about half way between a chicken and a quail egg in size

Another baby wow are baby birds ever ugly looking things. This guy can't stand yet I think he was 9 days old.

This hawk apparently picks off pigeons on a regular basis and has actually gotten into the pigeon pen at one point. It was impressive to watch him chasing the birds.

Got to hold one of the babies there a bit cuter once they get to this size I think.
    After we got to talking for a while we found out he knows my dad from when they where kids they both grew up in the country and went to school together.  He was also telling me about his grand kids and when they come to visit they like to name the babies, well one of the birds pecked his granddaughter so she decided he was going to be Pecker and as no one wants to explain to a little girl why you can't name a bird Pecker the name stuck so the one I am holding is now named Pecker. I thought that was a cute story. So anyway all in all a very educational day he was very enthusiastic and certainly knew a lot about pigeons.

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  1., yup, I would not want to have that conversation either with a child. Thanks God these birds get cuter with age.