Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frogs and Salamanders

There are so many tadpoles and baby salamanders in the ditches and ponds this year so I decided to go get some pictures the other day...
I was really exited to catch this guy the tadpoles are very easy to catch but once they get legs on them they're very fast. It's so cool to see the stage between frog and tadpole.

There are a whole bunch of these baby salamanders swimming about so cute.


St.Johns Wort it grows everywhere here

Looks like the racoons has been hanging around probably eating tadpoles
 I got a little wet and mucky, I actually slipped in the mud and ended up on my but in mucky pond water. Luckily I didn't go face first and ruin my camera ha ha. I did get a few funny looks on my walk home but it wouldn't be the first time I've gotten funny looks and I imagine it won't be the last. I have a lot of fun I love poking around in ponds and seeing what kind of critters I can turn up. 
   Hope you enjoy the photos I certainly had fun taking them.

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