Monday, July 9, 2012

A Drive up the Mountain

   Went for a drive with mum and dad up the mountain yesterday evening to have a wiener roast. There where wild flowers all over the place so I got some pictures to share.
Dwarf Blueberry or Vaccinnium Caespitosum
Alpine Lupine or Lupinus Arcticus
pacific strawberry or Fragaria Chiloensis
Common Red Paintbrush or Castilleja Miniata
Pearly Everlasting or Anaphalis Mararitacea
Pink Mountain Heather or Phyllodoce Empetriformis
Queens Cup or Clintonia Uniflora
Saskatoon Berry or Amelanchier Anifolia
White Mountain Heather or Cassiope Mertensiana
I don't know what this one is but it sure is pretty.
Pacific Bleeding Heart or Dicentra Formosa
Stream Violet or Viola Glabella

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