Friday, July 6, 2012

Dress Refashion

I picked up a dress at the second hand store the other day but after I got it home and tried it on again I decided it was a bit to revealing so I decided to make it a bit more modest.
Here is the dress it's especially revealing in the back as it has a racer back that shows my bra

So I got this oversize t-shirt for 4 dollars at a local liquidation type store. I like brown and purple together.
and combined the 2 into this dress a lot less revealing. The skirt is a bit shorter than I would normally wear but it's not so bad now that there is less skin on the top.
 I decided I wanted to somehow bring some of the purple to the top of the dress and found this wonderful tutorial and followed it to make this
I really like how it turned out
Now I still had some leftover from the bottom of the brown shirt
The leftover
So I decided to make one of the t-shirt scarves I've been seeing so much using this Mr.Kate tutorial
I used some blue fabric from my scrap pile to tie it up and I may add something shiny later on.


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  2. I like the color contrast. Your embellishment turned out very nice.

  3. I love this! Your version is so much better...I love the pop of blue at the top.

  4. I like the color blocking and overall style!