Sunday, June 17, 2012


The boyfriend had to go to Tofino for the day last weekend to do some work so I went along for the ride.
I love these little purple flowers I think they are some type of blue eyed mary but I'm not 100% sure.

Salal, this gets edible purple berries later on in the year
 They have some kind of program in Tofino that traps the wild cats running around then fixes and releases them. There is a fenced area with a little house for them to hang out in and stay warm and I think they feed them as well. I spotted these two kitties hanging out when I arrived.
This guy was laying outside the fenced area but when he seen me coming he went inside

This guy was inside already when I arrived

Lots of wild roses in bloom the bees where very busy

get back

I loved the color of this guy

The salmon berries are out

Sorry ladies I know how hard it is to resist a man in sweatpants and gum boots but he's taken so hands off.
So anyway besides that I've got a few home decor projects on the go and am hoping to start a sewing project soon.
   Hope everyone is well have a lovely day.

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