Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Deer, Strawberries, Pie and Pajamas (I think thats everything)

Went for a walk yesterday with mum and seen 2 deer...
hi guys
and some tiarella trifoliata or foam flower
Speaking of deer I've been looking at these really cool painted painted antlers and came across this tutorial for tribal thread wrapped sandals and decided to combine the two. I did a search and found out that this person was already way ahead of me. So I went down to my mum and dads house and snagged a set of antlers from the carport and here is what I came up with.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out so bright and cheerful. If anyone wants to know how I mounted my antlers let me know.
Now on to strawberries, we have a some suckers appearing on our strawberry plants and need somewhere to start planting them once we have them established in pots, so I went out to collect some sphagnum moss to get a hanging basket ready.
here's the basket all ready to go.

Our strawberry plants we got these at a plant sale last summer and they seem to be doing very well. We did get some aphids but I hosed them off and they seem to be okay now.

Such pretty blossoms

yum strawberries
I made a strawberry rhubarb pie from this recipe, my first pie ever as a matter of fact so here it is..
Here we go all ready to go in the oven fingers crossed

and here it is all done
Now a few things about the recipe, I ended up having to almost double the cooking time as it was VERY watery when it came out of the oven. Upon reading the comments (guess I should have done that from the start oh well hines sight is 20/20) I found out a lot of other people had the same problem and there where some solutions, such as a lattice crust on the top,  precook the filling with cornstarch and my mum said she adds a tiny bit of instant tapioca to the bottom of here pies to soak up moisture. So anyway if you try the recipe just be sure to glance at the comments.  I was happy that my pastry turned out (I used joy of cooking) I was really worried it won't as you always hear how hard pastry is but I needn't have worried so much it was just wonderful. I meant to take a picture of a piece cut but it went faster than I thought, the boyfriend got up twice in the night to have a piece and since I promised my mum and dad a piece I took the remainder right over in the morning.
   And last of all I made a pair of pajama bottoms and managed to figure out the timer on my camera so I got a picture, not a great picture mind you but hey it's a start. If anyone wants to know I used Simplicity 4048 view D XL...
Simplicity 4048 Sorry it's blurry

  They are very comfy I wore them to bed last night and the pattern was very easy I made them in less than an hour. My hair is wet as I just hopped out of the shower.
   So anyway there we have it there is what I've been doing, I hope everyone else is having a good day and finishing lots of projects.

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  1. The pie looks delicious. Oh, I wish I could sew! The pjs look so comfy.