Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Fish and an Octopus

I decided I would try to do something with a couple pieces of canvas I bought a while back. I wanted a picture for the wall in our bedroom so here is what I made.
Here is the fish he was supposed to be a chinook salmon but ended up not looking a bit like the picture I drew him from. My boyfriend says he looks prehistoric so we have dubbed him the Fishasaur.

Here is the octopus I'm not super happy with how he turned out but the boyfriend likes him and he is growing on me. I made the love sigh with sand and rocks from the dollar store I'm not really thrilled with how it turned out but it's also sort of growing on me.The frame was black when I bought it so I painted it blue and I think it improved it some.
 Below are a few more things I've done to brighten the bedroom a bit.
I made the earring hanger a while back but I just added the love signs and the 2 pictures. The green clock sort of looks out of place now but I'm not to worried. I really do hate the cord hanging from the ceiling but we rent so it's not as if we can chop it off.

This was canvas from the dollar store which I spray painted red then laid wooden letters on it and spray painted it blue. I was hoping the letters would turn out nice and crisp but there was a lot of bleeding and I ended up having to tidy up the edges of the letters with a paint brush after

These are the wooden letters I used as my "stencil" on the canvas. I painted tiny red hearts on them and strung them together with those closed ring screw things and braided embroidery floss.

This is a picture from an old national geographic I liked the colors but may choose something that goes more with the love theme.

I love the little birds in this picture, this is a tea add out of some magazine I love the colors.
 I have been looking for art for a while but it's just so expensive so I decided to try and get creative and am happy to have a bit of color in the bedroom now, it makes it feel more homey.

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  1. This is why I love your blog so much, you are always making the most ingenious and cutest things. I really like all of them but the love sign with the pebbles and the Fishasaur is my fav.